Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

There were two deadlines in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit yesterday. It was the last day before the trial for dispositive motions to be filed, so I filed this one—

The usual disclaimer about not having anything much to say about a motion until after the court rules applies.

It was also the deadline for the Cabin Boy™ to provide proper responses to my requests for production of documents. He failed to meet that deadline. I am not amused.

Meanwhile, another deadline approaches.

T-minus 10 days and counting.

35 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Good luck with Maryland, Mr. Hoge. Any other place wouldn’t have gotten even this far without throwing those losers in jail.

    • Based on his weekend rantings, I anticipate another petition for a show cause order to be filed sometime later today.

      We shall see if all proceeds as I have foreseen.

    • I occasionally attempt to explain to my college students that they’re at the point in their life where they can now only be ‘taught’ a little. The rest they have to ‘learn’. That is memorizing [or attempting to memorize] that the professor said is no longer adequate to ‘pass’ either a class or any of life’s tests. One must gather all the ‘pieces’ that come one’s way and put them together in a pattern that enhances one’s chances of a good [or at least acceptable] outcome.
      Bill the Schmalrus has never caught on at all. Why expect him to now?

  2. And the noose-tightening continues…

    Say, that noose is made of reinforced high-tensile steel cable, correct? Plain ol’ hemp will probably snap under that much beetus flesh.

    • I disagree; hemp is remarkably strong and durable. The greater problem is the lack of a neck around which to fit a noose; figuratively.

      Yah yah; death threat eleventy.

      Is it even a death threat when referencing archaic justice methods?

  3. Wow. Now Cabin Boy is claiming he “misstated” his address to the court…

    Play stupid games, win stupid prizes, you dumb bastage.

  4. How will he maintain his new blow-up doll once he’s $150,000 in debt?

    If it springs a leak, he’ll have no reason to live.

  5. So now Schmalfeldt has become the fall guy for Brett Kimberlin’s news source, the one Brett regularly uses as a “journalism outlet”, the same one where he claimed before Judge Hazel that the “media was asking questions” and he wanted to share privileged information in a court case. He even had Bill write an email to ask him about a “story”, all part of the elaborate scam of Team Kimberlin.

    So now, here is Bill living in motel in South Carolina, while Kimberlin continues to go off unhinged trying to salvage any kind of win as his brass knuckles kingdom is starting to come down. Will Bill be able to shoulder the burden of a steep judgment against his person and reputation to protect Brett Kimberlin? Remember, Bill has always claimed that Brett is nothing more than associate, despite all the evidence and admissions against interest.

    Imagine how much easier this would have been if Bill had just moved away, got off the internet, and left people alone. Certainly, the judgment is far from being made, but the possibility of Bill – holding a bag of Team Kimberlin sins all to himself gets more real each day.

    Settling doesn’t seem so bad now. Oh well.

  6. BS:
    “Hoge is a moron! He will looooooooose! (Even though he keeps winning)”
    “Aaron is a moron (even though he whooped me in court), and the worst lawyer ever!”
    “Aaron is helping Hoge, my victory is assured!”
    "Hoge is winning because of Aaron!!!"

  7. I am endlessly amused by the Team Kimbergarten assumption that proper responses to discovery requests are for chumps. Like all the lawyers who do so are just bumbling buffoons, with no idea what they’re doing, losing cases because they provided information to the other side.

    It’d be pitiful, if Team K weren’t uniformly scumbags.

  8. Off topic a bit — I have a subscriptions to where I can research news articles going back many years. Recently I have been reading old articles about Brett Kimberlin and his trials. I was surprised to learn that Brett had a younger brother, Scott Kimberlin, who was murdered by parties unknown in October 1980. The theory was that Scott had taken over Brett’s drug business and was murdered while being robbed of cash and drugs. Anyone hear of this?

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