Prevarication Du Jour

This is kinda like watching a cat trying to cover things up on a marble floor.The Gentle Reader can check the previous PDJ and verify that I did not write that I have not received the Cabin Boy’s™ address. I made no statement as to whether he had yet provided his correct address.

For the record, my google-fu was sufficient to determine that he had given a false address to the court, to locate the extended-stay hotel he was probably moving into, and to use the hotel’s website to determine the correct address—and I did so within minutes of returning from the Post Office after the automated kiosk I use for late night mailings gagged on the address he had given. I was able to verify the address I found online when the Cabin Boy™ finally sent me some mail with a correct return address.

Gentle Reader, who has lied?

34 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. Lying is so second nature to King Fear Pee, that he doesn’t know how to tell the truth

    And he wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in his Macy’s Day Parade Balloon Ass.

    • Right? Like the way he keeps referring to his “girlfriend” who we all know is just another voice in his head. He lies because if he told the truth he would have to admit all the harassment and stalking, and, and, and……

    • You have to remember that when Team Pedo does it, it’s a simple pro se mistake. “Gee Judge I had NO idea you weren’t allowed to forge a summons/green card”. “Judge Mommy, this is my honest to goodness address except that it isn’t”.

  2. Except what the cat would try to cover up is infinitely more appealing than any aspect of Biwwy.

    • One rolls turds in sand to hide the smell, the other rolls turds betweens fingers to savor the smell.

  3. His failure to provide the court with his address and the clerk with any correction for over ten days is going to cast his other acts of disobedience in darker light.

  4. Awww, he comes so close to self awareness, and dare I say, even the start of an apology? …yet so far away.

    “I’m a lying liar who lies, but that other guy, he said mean things that I twisted in my head to be not true, so he’s a sack of my favorite substance ” ~Shakey McFakey

    Ooh, maybe he’s not expressing anger or contempt, but rather affection and love in this tweet. he does apparently love lies and poo.

  5. Still saving my celebration of Mr. Fakinsons demise (good job pedo this bus you threw him under might actually hit him this time) just in case of a flare up of “Because Maryland”.

    • Actually, at this point, I want Cousin Bill to live for as many years as possible, paying his judgment to Professor Hoge, living in some shithole Section 8 housing, eating beans, rice, and ramen, and contemplating why he followed the failpath that he did.

      It’ll be *delicious*…

      • You have a better chance of catching a unicorn. Blobs (only word I can think of as he is FAR from a man) like him rationalise why they are right and the world is wrong to the bitter end.

        He is simply incapable of that level of introspection.

  6. “…automated kiosk…late night mailings…”
    Is that anything like the midnight clerk on Christmas Eve?

    (For any morons reading this, kiosks are a thing in real life, court personnel doing routine clerical tasks during off hours, not so much.)

  7. Even a fool, when he holdeth his peace, is counted wise: and he that shutteth his lips is esteemed a man of understanding.
    –Proverbs 17:28

    • Shakey would have done better with the other formulation:

      Better to keep your mouth shut and be thought a fool, than to open it and remove all doubt.

  8. Oliver Wendell Jones’ contempt of court is now compounding on itself and growing by the minute. Even if you expected nothing less, the incompetence is still stunning to watch.

  9. C’mon Fakey Shakey, Don’t do anything foolish, like change and then dump a couple Twitter handles!!!
    I can taste the sweet tea from those Hogewash Insulated tumblers right now!

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