Meanwhile, Back in Westminster …

I mentioned in today’s TKPOTD that the Cabin Boy™ did not provide proper responses to my requests for production of documents as Judge Hecker ordered in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. I filed this motion today—

The usual disclaimer about not making any further substantive public comment until the court rules on my motion applies to this.

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  1. I haven’t read through the motion yet, so this may be addressed within it.

    I seem to remember Schmalfeldt actually daring Professor Hoge to sue him over the statements that form the basis of the current complaint, as I’m sure that his Twitter feeds and blogs (they are many for they are legion) will attest. .

    That Schmalfeldt didn’t preserve documentary evidence in anticipation of litigation simply isn’t credible.

    You know, if you allow a drip to continue long enough, there’s a possibility that you’ll drown. And Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t strike me as a particularly strong swimmer.

  2. Wow. Cabin Boy’s setting new parameters for stupid here. He might’ve been able to argue out of the Twitter info (third party), but some of that stuff he should HAVE.

    Bill, Bill, Bill, I can’t believe you mailed that snotty little response to Hoge AND the court. There’s gonna be consequences in your future, count on it.

    • TR, I think you’re wrong about Twitter. Twitter has the info and DUMBFUCK can get it. It might have taken a subpoena (and may still), but DUMBFUCK is OBLIGATED to get the information in response to the request.

      His denial to WJJH (and the court) that some of those accounts are not his is what will really come back on him. I could say more, but DUMBFUCK monkeys don’t get educated around here.

      • Oh, I don’t doubt Twitter has the shit archived. Storage media is cheap these days.

        I’m just astonished Cabin Boy’s laced the cleats up AGAIN. It’s like we say ‘Wow, nobody could be dumber than that,’ and his reaction is ‘Hold my JWR and WATCH THIS!!’

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  4. There’s a Month mistake (Monday, April 15 instead of Monday, May 15) in the last paragraph of Exhibit B (your final email message to BS, stating your position on his most recent discovery responses).

    In 2017, April does not have a Monday 15th, whereas May does, so I don’t believe that it’s a big deal. I’m just pointing it out in the interests of trying to be quite fair in the blogosphere.

    I’m curious: What avenues (oral? written?) are available to address this glitch? My guess is that it could be raised in oral argument, but then rebutted simply by pointing out that all the surrounding context makes the intended month clear.

  5. Ya know, Mr. Hoge; you’re a really good writer. You had me following this story for over three years; but you’ve gone and tipped your hand. You went too far. This is simply not believable.

    The ‘jig’ is up; admit it; this has all been a work of fiction and today’s episode just went a little too far. Don’t worry, I’ll keep reading; but take my advice, tone it back, your “Schmalfeldt” character is about to become too cartoonish to be believed.

  6. BS has, indeed, admitted that he keeps copies of everything he’s ever written. I know just where to find that admission, too.

  7. Oh and Mr Fakinsons, it is not up to blog readers or anyone else to provide documents but YOU.

    You’re the typical libtard internet bully who tries to use the courts to silence dissent. I hope you are utterly destroyed with your pedo hero not far behind. Most EDiots have too much ADD to hang around for more than a few weeks after a lolcow is featured on the homepage, but I am glad I did and I can’t wait to see you get what you deserve, “because Maryland” be damned!!!

  8. So, he’s going with “I have not tried to get things together, and you can’t make me” ? I own one of those fancy poppers with a wire that mixes the kernels around so there are are few un-popped kernels and no burned up corn. Gotta dig that out

      • Yup. he has literally no idea. Like I said on an earlier thread, he thinks properly responding to discovery is for chumps. He thinks he’s protecting himself and his pedobomber hero by doing what he thinks is stymieing Hoge.

        • I know we’re not supposed to educate the monkey, so redact as appropriate; but does he actually not realize that “…but Maryland.” will probably not prevent the court from granting sanctions a-c, as they require zero effort by the court?

    • Actually, even though many of these documents were once available publicly, it does not follow that Hoge has them all.

      • Of course, that begs the question of whether Schmalfeldt would honestly authenticate documents that he himself didn’t provide.

        I think we all know the answer to that.

          • Was that the “whack his pee-pee” relief?
            I’m begging ya’ stop with the visuals, there aren’t enough kittehz on the internetz to purge that image.

    • Wow, Cousin Bill is about to learn a *bunch* of things about how the legal system really works!

      Cousin-to-cousin, Bill, you need to settle *before* Hoge gets you into court, again, and before the Judge rules on this motion.


      Hoge is one ruling away from stripping you of most of your income, for the rest of your days.

      You. Are. Losing.

      Big time. You have screwed this up beyond any ability to recover. At all.

      If you don’t settle, I’ll be posting “I told you so” notes until the day you die.

      There is no “win” for you. Only “lose”.

    • Pretty sure half the point of all this is to see if he could trick you into treating the court the same way you treat him.

      Congratulations. You totally didn’t fall for it. At all.

    • Is it only me, or did this tweet from DUMBFUCK just implicitly authenticate EVERY DOCUMENT our gracious host might possibly place into evidence at trial with regard to this DIMWITTED DEFENDANT?

  9. Bill’s twitter and blog list is a like Brett’s crimes – to someone who doesn’t know, they seem like they’re made up, but they’re not.

  10. Just checked his twitter. Is that old fool fixated on Donald Trump’s butt again? He will really pee himself when the Secret Service comes knocking. Bill has such a dirty and often sexually tinged man crush on Trump, the Secret Service should be alerted.

    • Sorta like, “A courtroom doesn’t include a hotel room.”

      And yet, he used the definition of “court facility” in the same statement thinking it’s the same thing. This guy is just a peach!

  11. So, behaving like an insolent teenager might not have been, or continue to be, Bill Schmalfeldt’s best move?

    Color me shocked.

    Well, no. As I said Sunday, whoever is telling him that these antics are clever is not his friend.

    Phone, MUNI.

    • Don’t you think “teenager” overshoots the target, Dianne?

      This is a kindergartener having a screaming tantrum in the cereal aisle at the grocery store while mom points and laughs.

  12. Exhibit C will really endear him to the judge…

    This whole searies of motions isn’t a Time on Target salvo, it’s more like Fire as you Bear. I misspelled series, but left it in because this one’s gonna leave a burn!

    • God, what I would give to see Schmalfeldt saunter into a courtroom with a new wheely-walker and an 87 year old transvestite with broken teeth and purple hair. If I had the patience to deal with what a titanic pain in the ass that the U.S border has become, I’d be there in a heartbeat. But I don’t.

    • Oh, and Cousin Bill’s orange-haired ladyboi may want to hold off marrying him until *after* this suit is finished.

      If they marry before final judgment in this suit, half her assets are subject to any settlement reached in Prof. Hoge’s favor.

      At a minimum, insist on a pre-nuptial agreement, Sweets…and consult a lawyer to see if that covers your ample bum sufficiently.

  13. I suspect Bill is shortly going to learn that while butthurt isn’t a tort, it can certainly be an effect.

    This assumes any degree whatsoever of educability. Which, on second thought, may not be a safe assumption….

  14. I think Mr. H should subpoena the ‘Free Attorney’ and ask him to describe the depth and breadth of Shakeys’ documentation.

    • yep, he should be at the “IM DYING OF LATE STAGE LVXXII PARKINSONS!!11!!” in about two weeks.

      totally unable to travel to Maryland of course, but no worries, all he gotta do is NOT show up and MD will be happy to send some paperwork to where ever he is at and give him transport, of course it wont be as nice as the bus, but it’ll get him there.

    • Oh good grief. This is hilarious. But maybe the judge won’t think it’s as funny as I do.

    • I’m shocked–SHOCKED–I tell you, it’s almost like we didn’t all predict this exact thing would happen!

    • That lying sack of shit is trying to duck out of having to appear. Typical of a coward. I bet his rent-a-lady boi is even disgusted with what a sniveling Nancy he is.

      • SURPRISE!!!!!

        I can just see the letter to the judge now.


        Dear Mommy Judge Heckler,

        I am aware of your order for me to appear in your courtroom on June 28th to explain why my ample ass shouldn’t be thrown in jail because you obviously don’t know what a courtroom is, which is pretty sad if you ask me. Don’t they teach that at judge school? .The instant case will be the eighth suit I’ve in a row, and even I know that HOTEL ROOM AM NOT COURTROOM, COURTROOM AM COURTROOM. This is all a simple misunderstanding on your part.

        As much as I would like to explain this to you in person, I regret to inform you that my car went back to Jesus yesterday. It was only 18 years old. Only the good die young, I guess. I suspect the cause of death of was driving from Wisconsin to Iowa to South Carolina after I told you that my stage LJI Parkinson’s disease made it almost impossible to get to the fridge without dying. Oh, and I think Hoge’s vexation had something to do with it

        Since this is all a simple misunderstanding on your part, I have every confidence that you can clear it up on your own.

        Say hi to that lying sack of shit for me.

        Anyhoo, gotta run. This 87 year old transvestite with the broken teeth and fluorescent hair isn’t going to make love to herself, if you know what I mean, and I think you do.

        William M. Schmalfeldt,
        (I forgot which fake address I gave you on the fifth)
        Myrtle Beach, South Carolina .


        I’ve really missed writing those.

      • Can blow up plastic dolls feel disgust? Feel anything??
        Due to the lack of new pictures of it I think maybe he stomped a hole in it already.
        Probably too late to return it as defective considering he probably bought it on clearance in the first place.
        Which might explain why he didn’t get a female model.

    • Dude- what kind of retard posts something that transparently idiotic on Twitter!?!?! Shakey, you are are grade-AAA, weaponized stupid, man. Congratulations- you are finally exceptional at something.

  15. Funny how Schmalfeldt can kill a car AND manage to get the DMV to swap out an Wisconsin DL for a SC ID card in the same day. It’s almost like there was a magical Christmas Eve clerk working there.

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