Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

About two-and-a-half weeks ago, the Kimberlins filed this—

Last Friday, I filed this in reply to Tetyana Kimberlin’s opposition to my motion for summary judgment against her and in opposition to Brett Kimberlin’s motion for summary judgment.

The motions gibber or speak (in that order) for themselves, so I don’t plan to have any further substantive comment about this until the court has ruled on the motions.

T-minus zero.

25 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I like exhibit C. from “Plaintiff’s Reply To Tetyana Kimberlin’s Opposition To His Motion For Summary Judgment And Opposition To The Kimberlin Defendants’ Motion For Summary Judgment”.

  2. I’ve always wondered if Kimberlin has a special booster chair that he runs his various legal actions from. Maybe he repurposed the one the wife had when they started dating. If he does, I imagine it’s very special to him. It makes him feel powerful, even though his feet dangle about 24 inches over the floor.

    Things like that really keep me up at night.

  3. One is left wonder *how* exactly he thinks most of that helps him.

    I guess he’s realised he can’t win on quality, so now he’s going for quantity.

      • It’s an ancient paradigm:

        “If you can’t blind them with brilliance, bury them with bullshit!”

        It may actually be the one thing Brett Coleman Kimberlin and Cousin Bill Schmalfeldt have in common, the very basis of their “excellent friendship”!

  4. Poor Bill, just when he fucks up so bad that you think no one can be any stupider then him we find we have a new contender. Bill just can’t catch a break. Homeless, using a male blowup doll as a proxy for a girlfriend, talking to himself on twitter, violating court rules etc. and his title still may be usurped by a midget pedo who simply sits in his basement by the middle school and files mind numbingly stupid motions.

    Come on Bill, step up your game. You know you have more stupid in you. Now let’s get out there and stomp that crank!

    • I have to disagree. Bill’s in the lead, and when he goes on tour next month, the kind of performance he can pull off in a live show…

  5. I have assumed that the most logical interpretation of the last few years is that he is putting on a piece of multimedia performance art. Not as funny as Andy Kaufman, but designed to provoke thought, anger and awkward laughter.

    Krendler apparently disagrees — as he figures Bill is just a DF.

    • I gotta agree with Krendler.

      No one could degrade themselves as consistently and without any modicum of self-awareness as performance art. That requires pure dumbf5ckery.

    • You mean Speedway Bomber Brett Coleman Kimberlin, who once sued a bunch of people for defamation for calling him a pedophile and lost because he failed to provide even “a scintilla of evidence” that the statements were false?

      That Brett Coleman Kimberlin?

      • The very one!

        The one who sued the wife of a victim of a bombing he perpetrated, for which he was convicted and served decades in prison!

        The one who is the prime suspect in an unsolved murder of a grandmother who interrupted his grooming of her young granddaughter!

        That very same Brett Coleman Kimberlin!

        (We can do this forever, Brett…and you can’t stop us.)

        • The same Brett Coleman Kimberlin who had to go to the Ukraine to finally find anyone willing to marry him when he was in his forties and it had to be a 14 year old?
          The same Brett Coleman Kimberlin who according to statements to the courts by that same wife; allegedly came on to his her cousin when the cousin was only 12.

          Yep -Brett ““endless lawsuits for the rest of their lives” Coleman Kimberlin

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