Prevarication Du Jour

For some reason, the Cabin Boy™ is tweeting that he gave his new address to the Circuit Court during the hearing on 5 May. He gave an address, but it was not correct. According to the notes taken by the clerk, he gave the wrong street name and the wrong street number. My notes agree with the clerk’s, and I have used that address for service of court papers. So has the court. It will be interesting to see if the USPS can suss out how to deliver that mail to the Cabin Boy™.

Also, my notes from the hearing do not record the Cabin Boy™ giving the name of the extended-stay hotel that is located at the return address on the mail he sent me last week. He did tell the court on the day of the hearing that he was “in transit” and staying in a Motel 6, but he did not divulge even the type of accommodations to which he intended to move.

Schmalfeldt may want to dust off that letter he sent to Judge Grimm in 2014.Of course, the Cabin Boy’s™ recent activities may mean that he’ll have to modify his pitch somewhat, but given his behavior over the last couple of weeks, the judge might buy the bit about dementia.

UPDATE—Before the Cabin Boy™ spools up for one of his famous Feltdowns on the Twitterz, he should go to the Maryland Judiciary Case Search website and check the address the court has on file for him.

47 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

        • Since he’s not even bothering to maintain the day-drinking anymore, I wouldn’t be surprised.

          And it would be just like Benzodizapine Bill to get soused for his own contempt hearing?

          • Dammit, that should read “Since he’s not even bothering to hide the day-drinking ..”

      • I’m with Neal N. Bob on this one. I think he still thinks it’s all fun and games. I mean, it’s MD, nothing’s happened to him yet.

        The thing is, nothing ever does happen…until it does happen.

  1. The court has him next to Advance Auto Parts and catercorner from Waffle House.

    Some guests mentioned the bathrooms could be improved

  2. Gee, it’s almost–and I know I’m going way out on a limb here–it’s ALMOST like he’s a dumbf5ck or something.

  3. And here I thought after the tiny pedo’s last filing that Bill was in danger of losing his title of World’s Stupidest Man™. Nope, Bill “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt really did step up his game. Lying to the judge? Bwhahahahahaha *

    * But Maryland

      • Bill may meet the quantity but not the sheer heinousness of Brett’s crimes. I doubt Bill will ever blow a Vietnam vet’s leg off with a homemade bomb planted at a high school football game.

          • Well, there was that rape that he tacitly admitted to in dropping his suit against Cousin Roy.

        • It’s like the Bill O’Reilly school of argument: You can’t beat them in quality, so drown them with quantity.

          • I’m a “Vietnam war era vet” and have an actual “service-connected disability” and I’m more and more unhappy about saying [or maybe ‘admitting’] it due to *ssholes like Dumf5ck making it toxic.
            Last year I got asked by our new Dept head if I were a ““Vietnam war era” vet” and have. a service-connected disability. I asked him why he asked and he told me it didn’t show up on our dept reports for the University. I said that’s because I don’t check those stupid boxes. He asked why and I told him briefly, that people like Dumbf5ck make me ashamed to perhaps appear be claiming that I’m anywhere near where real disabled Vietnam war vets are in any way you want to measure it. I have a few friends who really are in that category and I don’t want anyone thinking I might be trying to ride on their efforts.

            Biwwy and other Stolen Valor suckholes really should be made to wear huge signs identifying them as such.

  4. I love how he calls the Judge, clerk and others who heard his utterances all liars.

    Guy just can’t stop digging.

    • But, hey, what are the odds that Bill Schmalfeldt — who has sued people claiming they’re the fictional character he himself claimed to be — lied, versus everyone else lying about him?

  5. I thought it was interesting that Johnny Atsign was at a Waffle House down south. I wonder where, exactly.

  6. So what does the court do when they send a DUMBFUCK…I mean defendant mail at an address he himself gave them during a hearing and the mail comes back as undeliverable?

    • Unless, of course, you have a handy pair of Joo Janta 200 Peril Sensitive Glasses.

  7. What are the odds Bill is begging, pleading with Rauhauser to let him join up on the lam?

    They could be like… I dunno… Bonnie & Clyde…? Or maybe Thelma and Louise?

    • Were either of those criminal dragging an overused blow-up doll with them? I don’t remember that from the movies, but I’m getting forgetful in my old age.

  8. FYI, I just checked. That video is STILL up on YouTube; he hasn’t gotten around to deleting it yet.

    One week for one of incriminating statements without him trying to memory-hole it… isn’t that a record of some kind?

      • So what? Since when has “deleting it won’t do any good, we’ve all got copies” EVER stopped Cabin Boy before?

        I use that as a metric. When Cabin Boy deletes something, it’s a good indicator that Cabin Boy has realized just how badly he’s screwed up. Since it’s still up, he hasn’t come to that realization yet.

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