Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Yesterday, I received a letter from the Cabin Boy™ which contained a document styled Defendant Schmalfeldt’s Response to Plaintiff’s Request for Production of Documents. I’m still waiting for him to comply with Judge Hecker’s order.

T-minus 1 day and counting.

57 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. bill Every community collage and public school system in SC offers remedial reading classes. Also the dictionary is now on-line maybe you should look up the meaning for the word “ORDERED”.

  2. I can’t wait to see how he is going to explain to the judge that he did not understand the rules, despite his extensive past litigation.

    Why didn’t you just ignore John Hoge from the original settlement agreement?

    • Or that he ignored the Judge’s direction to read the rules, when the Judge made the last order. he may view this as being blown off, and judges take that personally.

      • Maybe he has a plan. I remember reading, years ago, about some old man who gave a holdup note to a bank teller, and then sat quietly, waiting to be arrested, because he could not afford rent and medicine.

        Maybe he’s out of money and hoping contempt of court is his ticket to three hots and a cot?

        • That would be preferable then sitting around a dumpy motel with that [shudder] hideous blow up doll.

          • Bill, via his sock account, tweets about his “home.”
            Bill, in a legal motion, admits he’s in a motel.

            I have yet to see any definitive proof that he is in a relationship with a woman or a man.

          • Posting about “poop flakes” says way to much about where the creepers head resides!

          • “You must serve me by mail at my undisclosed location!” – ACME Law rides again.

  3. Maybe we can get get Jeff Foxwothy to change his show from you might be a redneck to you might be a dumba$$. He would have enough materiel for the next decade. Coming to a theater near you, the The Misadventures of Billy the Blob. Could be a off take of “Get Smart”, missed it by that much. Either way it would be low-brow humor.

  4. I am quite certain that sniffing too much poop can have negative effects one one’s mental health, IQ and reasoning capabilities.

    cf. Bill Schmalfeldt

  5. Most people when they step on their dick experience agony. I think the NIH must have re-wired that part of your brain because for you its ecstasy and glory and you jump up and down with your ever so spiky golf shoes moaning at full volume to the heavens.
    You never disappoint, you know?

  6. I take it should Donald Trump not have campaign records and keeps clean hard drives during and after his campaign, Bill Schmalfeldt will be okay with that. While Bill is most likely fixated on Donald Trump’s butt like he is about most men, he can’t make Trump poop documents he don’t have. Right? Or will be be a hypocrite again?

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  8. Schmalfeldt’s reaction to being caught disobeying a court order is predictable. He always projects. I doubt he has figured out that he can’t fit under the motel bed or understands the consequences of not paying fines imposed by the court.

    • He understands just fine, back in the Great Slashed Tires Caper, he promised Grady that there would be a bench warrant issued, and if he ever got pulled over for a traffic infraction or anything, hey, shiny new bracelets.

      He just does not understand that the door swings both ways.

  9. I’ve wondered a bit about this current track he’s on and it suddenly occurred to me: He thinks the judge is on his side. He saw the last hearing as a resounding success. Since Hoge didn’t get everything that he wanted (even if he only asked for it on procedural grounds) he thinks that Hoge got nothing and just tried to spin it in his own favor.

    IMHO: He thinks he winning.

  10. Yup. The judge must agree with BS’s analysis and that’s why he immediately scheduled a hearing.
    BS has another road trip in his future! What are the odds he will stay with TJ?

  11. Thi is pathetic. BS is tweeting himself again, pretending to be someone else in the same room with him. Evidence:
    1. The sock puppet accuses Hoge of saying things about “her,” when Hoge hasn’t commented on Bill’s latest con at all. Typical Schmalfeldt.
    2. The account is supposed to be a woman. Sure. BS had a now-suspended twitter account, @Bexmajela, which he used while pretending to be his sister.
    3. Crude, vulgar, and stupid. Bill, Bill, and Bill.

    • havent seen any new “photos” of Dumbf5ck and IT circulating.

      Did Dumbf5ck run out of money to pay rent-a-lady boi to pose for him again?

  12. In the interests of charity, and general lack of malice towards people, even those I don’t like one little bit:

    Bill Schmalfeldt, whoever is inspirting or encouraging these antics in NOT YOUR FRIEND.

    Laptop, home.

  13. Read Biwwy’s timeline. It left me with one question.

    Does anyone in MD make handcuffs big enough to slap around DUMBF5CK’S fat wrists?

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