13 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

    • Holy Shit. That is one stupid man. I keep saying just when I think he can’t get any stupider he proves me wrong.

      • I’ve yet to see that defense keep anyone out of jail for contempt.

        but hey, maybe Dumbf5ck will beat the odds.

        after all, he did manage to find either the ugliest blow up doll on clearance or the ugliest rent-a-lady boi in the entire south

        so maybe he’ll do better with that defense than anyone else who was stupid enough to act like he has.

        • I’ve seen it result in long terms of supervised probation with strict conditions like, no internet, no alcohol and no humping fire hydrants.

    • How much dumb would a DUMBF*CK f*ck if a DUMBF*CK could f*ck dumb? It’s almost a trick question: infinity.

  1. In other Team Kimberlin news there are some interesting newish results that pop up in the Maryland case search under “Kimberlin”.
    Apples…. trees… sad.

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