16 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. It’s quite telling that his “broadcasting” and “journalism” careers were confined to markets where the highest job qualification was the ability to fog a mirror.

    • This is the funny part:

      He’s comparing his “career” where has made no impact whatsoever to the benefit of a single soul, except divots in the lawn from his fat carcass, from any job he has ever held – to a man who has worked on scientific and engineering projects that has advanced our country in the technology race.

      Of course, he also thinks he’s some kind of legal eagle, suing a whole bunch of people and ended up with nothing.. well, that’s not fair, he did end up getting laughed and mocked at, and will have to bear that cross well after he croaks.

      • In a world where getting fired is an accomplishment, Bill Schmalfeldt is an unparalleled success.

        Unfortunately for him, that world is called Pretendyland, and he lives there alone with his incipientINFLATABLE fiance.

    • Amen, brotato. He gave no load goldbricking tools in the Navy a bad name….

      … and I knew plenty.

      • Corpsman qualified go out with the Marines are few and far between, interesting that when Fat Boi was allowed to rejoin the Navy they didn’t keep him as an HM but shitted him over to be a Remington Raider JO (Journalist Mate for non-sailors).. Even in a no-load job like that IIRC he spent most of his second hitch on medical deferment status..

        At least it kept him from catching a hatch dog wrench or falling down more ladders…

  2. He made Parkinson’s disappear

    Then he made a life insurance payment disappear

    And now he brought an inflatable dummy to life

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