50 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I’ve been planning all this time to have my answers written in 4 days. Are you trying to tell me I have to have my answers written in 1 day? I don’t have the time. Besides, Hoge am not law. Law am law.

  2. Carolina Iconoclasts‏ @PodcastPair 7h7 hours ago
    Our friend @wjjhoge waiting for a production of documents like a kid waiting for Santa? He’s gonna find not coal, but shit in his stocking.

    It’s nice of Bill to publicly admit that instead of answering everything completely and truthfully like the judge ordered him to that instead he is giving our Gracious Host “shit” for responses. The man ain’t too bright is he?

    Oh, and in the comment above he again violates the settlement agreement by posting a screen shot of of this post. Dumber then a stump. Couldn’t blow his nose if his brain was dynamite. You get the drift.

  3. No, now BS has muddied the waters as he intended. No way to tell if what he sent both people is the same.

    I’ve heard that con artist grifters who refuse to have sex with their wives and fantasize about sex with boy scouts and Thor do that.

  4. Hey, all, the next time the fake-PD sufferer threatens to sue you for saying that he drinks, and judging by the broken blood vessels in his face, he may drink a lot (like he used to), just post this:

    Bill Schmalfeldt, deranged cyberstalker, has said he can’t do many things because of his fake PD. Turns out, he does all of them:

    There is a thing of many names. Some call it “rack whiskey” or “well bourbon,” but it all means one, terror-inducing thing: the bottle of bourbon that sits at the bartender’s knee caps that he/she will pour if you just say “I’ll have a bourbon.” Well drinks. And, very likely, the most used well bourbon of them all is our old friend, Old Crow. Old Crow is a devilish plunge into budget bourbon brought to you from your sneaky friends at Jim Beam. Its tasting notes are that of battery acid, kerosene, and thumb tacks with an “Oh Christ, you’re gonna have a bad tomorrow” finish. That being said, Old Crow is respectable in that it is, truly, an old, storied brand (claiming to be America’s oldest bourbon and the first bourbon to employ the “sour mash” process). So, if you have to fly a bottle of the cheap stuff, Old Crow, at the very least, shows you’re still respectful of the process.

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    • As always Fakey completely uses the wrong word. Buckethead Wendy is not “developing” into or “emerging” into a missus, This is a statement that means to set a thing in a preceding time not in a preceding stat of evolution.

    • Did Fat Bastard actually find a state in which he can legally marry a blow up doll??
      Will he spring for the female model when/if he actually tries to marry it?

      Inquiring minds really don’t want to know.

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