Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Cabin Boy™ says that there’s no law in Maryland that makes his recording of courtroom audio illegal.

[N]o electronic device may be used to receive, transmit, or record sound, visual images, data, or other information.

Rule 16-208(b)(2)(E)(i).

An individual who willfully violates this Rule or any reasonable limitation imposed by the local administrative judge or the presiding judge may be found in contempt of court and sanctioned in accordance with the Rules in Title 15, Chapter 200.

Rule 16-208(c)(2).

T-minus 5-days and counting.

57 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. He’s got such a great track record on what is and isn’t in the law and the court rules that the judge invited him to peruse the rulebook, so he could… improve the book?

  2. You know, him and Maxine Waters would make the perfect couple. Couple of whats we don’t know, but, they would be perfect.

  3. The problem with thinking that Biwwy’s going to stomp on his crank is that his crank is literally concave. But he keeps kicking himself ever harder, so one day it’ll succeed. Even in Maryland.

  4. Does anyone have a count of how many motions Bill has filed and how many have been successful? I’m going to guess it’s about 2% and that includes the ones found to be moot due to rulings on other motions.

    • I’ll have some time this evening. Perhaps I’ll give it a whirl to count everything all up. lol

    • yeah, the fly in the soup legally is the language that states “may be”.

      which also means “may not be”. it all depends on the mood of the judge that day.

      • In lawyer speak a “may” is less a choice in that sense more a matter of proscription. The judge can’t impose other sanctions than the sanctions he may impose.

        But Maryland.

  5. Dumbf5ck apparently thinks there is some phrase in the paragraph that makes what he did not a violation of the law….and of course he’s claiming our esteemed host isnt showing THAT part of the statute..

    of course nothing is stopping Shakey from posting the supposedly relevant part himself.

    • I mean googling the number and “Maryland rules” takes you eight to the page with the whole thing.
      I’m not a lawyer. But the claim that remotely recording a proceeding is different than being there physically seems wrong on its face

    • I read the whole thing. The rules seem to never get around to specifically stating that if you’ve pretended to be too sick to travel, and appear by Skype then you are not allowed to record in a hotel room on your smart phone. (The only smart device in the room was the phone.)

      Because nobody ever thought that rules need to be that specific.
      It’s like Kimberlin’s green card issue with the post office. Who would imagine changing the evidence in order to save a few dollars on postage? Who is that dim? Who is foolish enough to claim to be unable to go to Maryland, but then announce a trip or two to South Carolina? Who does this?

  6. Moving from place to place, apparently fleeing legal entanglements… Living in a cheap-ass motel… Projection, escalation, lying in social media, lashing out at critics and innocent bystanders alike…

    Wow. Bill Schmalfeld has gone full Deborah Frisch.

    Never go full Deb Frisch.

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  8. Re: Frisch post “Sorry, this content isn’t available right now
    The link you followed may have expired, or the page may only be visible to an audience you’re not in.”

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