29 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. You know, those interrogatories aren’t going to answer themselves. Instead, he’s working on photoshopping butt and poop stuff.

  2. Poor Bill is talking to himself on Twitter again trying to convince us that the man in the wig is really his girlfriend. LOL
    He’s also claiming that our Gracious Host and us claimed he would be in jail after the hearing. Of course he doesn’t post any proof that anyone actually claimed that but that’s the Bill we know and loathe. Always lying.

    • He’d be lucky to be in a motel. I still think he’s living out of his car. Odd isn’t that he would move halfway across the country for a “woman” and is now homeless. More proof that the “girlfriend” is just a gaslight. Obviously any such person would have already have a place to live. Obviously the girlfriend didn’t let Bill move in. Hence the girlfriend is, as we all though, a figment of his imagination.

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