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      • 15 minutes to read it, 16 seconds to circular file it, 1 minute to type up “denied” assuming an alternative tab or two doesn’t really count for THAT much time.

        • Don’t forget all the time passing it around to everyone else in the building, and the 30 minutes each person spent laughing. It adds up.

      • Rules for thee, but never for he….
        It’s going to be fun, watching how that works out, over time. “Not well” is my default wager.
        Phone, MUNI.

  1. Deranged cyberstalker and self-described “Gay Divorcee” Bill Schmalfeldt has posted a photo on Twitter of a sleeping man in a red wig. Once again, he claims that this is a woman that he’s dating. Oh, and he continues to violate the settlement agreement, which Hoge will be able to use when [redacted].

    I don’t believe it. No sane woman would take in a guy with 9 restraining orders to his name, with no money, who posted half-naked photos of his dying wife on Twitter, and who is obsessed with the genitalia and bowel habits of other men.

    He also keeps tweeting himself at another account, pretending that it is a different person, speaking of himself in the third person, and tagging Hoge and Krendler into the conversation. He does this to elicit a response so that he can later claim “stalking” and “harassment.”

    I won’t post that tweet because Bill Schmalfeldt violated that person’s privacy by doing this. He may think it’s OK to use people in this manner, but I don’t.

    I wonder where he buried Jake and Boris.


    • When did any of us suggest jail as anything but a pipe dream. Now there were some suggestions that the judge would order the bailiff to attempt corporal punishment in a fashion that would probably drive the poor officer to suicide, but I’m pretty sure we were just on board for the PLM if Mr. Hoge got the (Maryland) court to even reprimand Bill for his malfeasance. So, yeah, we got our money’s worth.

        • Whoever said “practice makes perfect” never witnessed Bill Schmalfeldt’s constant stream of risibly inept lies.

    • Bill Schmalfeldt also can’t have sex, and I can’t imagine a man who would put up with that in a partner.

  2. Clearly this is a photoshopped forgery of the docket. I was told by a very reputable person that Hoge was the greatest of all losers in court.

    Oh wait, I’ve been undone by autocorrect. That news came from a very repulsive, not reputable, source. Oopsie, looks like the Cabin Boy (the Great Turd Roller) is as truthful as he is hygienic.

    But I wish him and the new Mister all the happiness they deserve!

  3. So docket number 146/0 denies DUMBFUCK’S MSJ, and docket number 147/0 is the order of the court with respect to the issues before the court on Friday.

    So DUMBFUCK’S motion was denied out of hand without a hearing and that order was docketed before the orders resulting from the hearing in which DUMBFUCK was ordered to answer the interrogatory (under oath) in order to purge his contempt, and ordered to answer 8 (or 10?) requests for documents by May 15 or risk once more being held in contempt.

    Have I got that right?

    How did that MSJ get denied first? It must have been a REAL TURD, or at least smeared with it. I know which way I’d vote.

    • It got denied because, despite the title, it wasn’t a motion for summary judgment. It failed to meet any of the requirements of an MSJ. It was an incoherent screed.

      • But with self-incriminating pictures! Remember, the guy who “couldn’t attend court in Maryland” because he “couldn’t drive” because of his “advanced Parkinson’s” bought a car three weeks later, drove through several states, that we know of, popped the passenger side tires on the curb, and filed this screed that said “Hoge totes paid someone to do this. Oh, BTW, I can drive now. And that medalert necklace? Nevermind!”

        Oh, and all that while confirming he had moved and not told the court where, but also had moved again and was refusing to say where.

    • You don’t understand. They’re so similar because they’re from different people. Only different people can replicate each other so exactly! It’s why every time you sign something, your signature looks different.

      Shesh, A Reader. Next you’re gonna tell me that Biwwy isn’t Paul Krendler even though Biwwy swore under oath that he was!

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