13 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. RE: attribution concerns, I’ve been wondering why Bill stole and dishonored Princess Diana’s “Lady Di” title for his podcast without attribution? It looks more like Prince Harry.

    • I spend a lot of time on copyright and intellectual property law, primarily around the various generations of the GPL and assorted other open source licenses.

      Cousin Bill is an idiot.

      Gratuitous asides aside, IP is one of the most complex areas of the law, and the US system is significantly broken.

  2. Carolina Iconoclasts‏ @PodcastPair 48m48 minutes ago
    How cute. @wjjhoge is bragging about being a plagiarist. Original ideas are so HARD, eh, Poop Flake?

    How cute coming from the moron that has to copy 73.275% of the non-Hoge releated content on BIllyBoyUnread.

    What’s the matter Bill, can’t come up with anything original unless you are ripping off another source? Can’t write on your own? Too afraid of NOT toeing the party line? I promise you that Hillary won’t actually de-nut you. Your orange haired hired boyfriend might, but not Hillary. How about you try for a 100% original article NOT sourced from somewhere else?
    What’s that? Too hard you say? You got everything fed to you at NIH you say? You never had to come up with original material you say? Oh, right, you did. At Sirius and the Iowa station, both of which fired your stupid ass for being stupid.

  3. Jesus H. Christ, someone has to say it…


    “Plagiarism” isn’t simply using someone else’s work, it’s using it without giving them credit and presenting it as your own.

    When Our Gracious Host gives a Quote Of The Day, he is very careful to cite whose words he is using.

    On the other hand, when The Blob tried to claim the copyright on TMZ’s works, he was plagiarizing, because he was claiming credit for someone else’s work.

    And do NOT get me started on copyright. I’ve had almost 2 decades of dealing with that topic from a grunt-level perspective, and I would rather leave it strictly for work.

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