Progress in Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al.

I’ll write more later, but he’s the TL;DR on today’s hearing.

The Cabin Boy™ was able to avoid being sanctioned by answering under oath the interrogatory in question under the show cause order.

When the motion to compel came around, he was able to successfully object to one interrogatory, but he was given until 15 May to fully answer the other interrogatory and to fully answer the eleven open requests for production of document.

The judge also warned him that his responses must full comply with the Maryland Rules and that he should himself a copy and read and understand them.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.


2017 MAY 05 16:57:33 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 05 17:05:44 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 05 17:42:07 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 05 18:27:48 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 05 18:28:01 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 05 18:28:41 UTC Home Page

45 thoughts on “Progress in Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al.

  1. “Tomorrow @wjjhoge will understand my reasons for looking at his blog. It sure wasn’t entertainment. Has the Poop Flake foreseen my tactics?”

    Sounds like Cousin Bill’s tactics failed to come into play…

    And, FWIW, I am entertained.

  2. Well, of course. As it was civil contempt and not in the presence of the judge, generally contemnors are first given the opportunity to purge the contempt thru compliance.

    Plus, Maryland.

    It does cause a neutral, reasonable observer to wonder, though…if there is no penalty for failure to follow the rules other than an impartial jurist’s warning: “Hey, next time follow the rules…” what is the incentive for anyone to follow the rules at all?

    Any rule that isn’t enforced weakens all other rules.

    Isn’t that right, Secretary Clinton?

    • Maryland.

      ‘Nuff said.

      Even so, NOT ONLY is there no penalty for failure to follow the rules… Unbound permissiveness gives the courts something more to do. At some later point in time. Which keeps the entire legal apparatus up and humming busily. As each and every stage and process gets dragged out over multiple iterations-

      Next time you read that the courts are overburdened imagine if caseloads would decrease if the judges said, “Bullshit. You didn’t do what you were supposed to the first time much less try to do it correctly. You lose. Next!”

  3. Got some great photos of you coming out of the courthouse, limpdick. You need to smile more.

  4. “Followers of @wjjhoge can stay stupid and believe his lies, or they can check back later for video proof that he is a lying sack of shit.”

    Oh, we have a pretty good idea of who the lying SOS is, my Cousin.

    Still, the monkey dance doth entertain, so, proceed.

    • “Check back later” = “I have to edit the video to fit the narrative”

      If the story was as he maintains, why not post the full video?

    • Oh, we have a pretty good idea of who the lying SOS is, my Cousin

      A sack seems a step down from a Tupperware container, though.

  5. I know judges put limitations like time allowed, what to provide, etc.. but “get a copy of the rules to read and understand?” Since when do judges rule a person has to have a capability that is incompatible with their nature?

    • Leonidas is cruel and unfeeling and would make your read and understand while I am a kind and generous god, but very short, whose only requirement is that you kneel.

    • This happens all the time in criminal cases. How often has a trial had to be cancelled because a defendant was incompetent to assist in his own defense?

      But DUMBFUCK has always (well, there was that ONE TIME…) maintained that he is competent to handle the standard duties of a pro se on either side of a case, all empirical evidence to the contrary. And just because it makes his opposition’s task all the easier is no reason to prevent him strapping on the cleats and stomping his crank for our amusement.

      But as I said above – the number of times courts have bent over backward to protect him from his own steroid-enhanced stupidity makes it awfully tempting for an observer to suggest that there’s no downside to an opponent doing something “not strictly within the rules,” shall we say, in the pursuit of expedited justice.

  6. Did Laardvark show up in person or did he Skype in again? If he didn’t show, did he document his location for the court?

    In other words, Where’s Fat Boy?

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