Go Ahead. Make My Day.

2017 MAY 05 19:17:42 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 05 19:19:28 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 05 19:22:14 UTC Home PageThe Cabin Boy™ may want to read all of Maryland Rule 16-208 before he even admits to having video of today’s hearing.

UPDATE—Edited to put the tweet in sequence with the logins.

2017 MAY 05 20:56:09 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 05 20:56:33 UTC go-ahead-make-my-day-6
2017 MAY 05 20:56:46 UTC go-ahead-make-my-day-6
2017 MAY 05 20:57:24 UTC progress-in-hoge-v-kimberlin-et-al
2017 MAY 05 20:59:53 UTC last-minute-research
2017 MAY 05 21:52:54 UTC Home Page

UPDATE 2—Revised the Rule number to reflect a change in the Maryland Rules.

34 thoughts on “Go Ahead. Make My Day.

  1. Bill, you have about 5987 pages of documents to gather, including the material received from Brett.

    you are so screwed…….

    nice try, failed

    • Cabin Boy “won” by not being held account for not fulfilling his duties.

      I guess by his standards that is “winning”, but for those of us who aren’t poltroons, it’s just escaping the consequences of his actions.

      For now.

        • yeah but we already knew that.

          what actual female person in their right mind would actually talk to Dumbf5ck, let alone do anything else with him??

          I thought Bwilly MIGHT be coming out of his closet, considering how obviously male his photoshopped Soulmate 4.0 was, even with the discount halloween wig.

          but alas, I think he’ll stick with trying to convince (and not coming close) everyone that “Reno” is a really real girl (bwahahahaha, yeah in his dreams lol) and not the male version of the truck stop dolly he craves.

      • It’s the levelheaded fairness of the Maryland courts in coddling and protecting pro se idjits like Dumbf5ck Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kiddiediddler that would make a guy think he could slash a set of tires with impunity.

    • Lose what? That he didn’t get sanctions? That you weren’t hauled away? That he wasn’t mauled by the judge?

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHAAHAHAHAA!! Fake Shakes – you manage to make yourself more stupid each day which is impressive considering your history.

      He walked out of the courtroom with what he wanted – some answers and an order for you to comply with other answers you should have given. Too bad you can’t see it that way because you’re so focused on trying to trip him up that you don’t see what’s planned down the road.

      This just gets better and better watching you dance there, boy. Keep it up.

    • Who was told to answer, produce documents, and follow the rules? Who had to answer a question properly? Mr. Hoge or BS?

      I do not think that word means what you think it means.

      Phone, train.

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      • at some point he has to hit rock bottom of stupidity…
        and when he does, I fully expect him to go tits up because he forgot how to breath.

        unless his Boi-friend suffocates him for some quick insurance money after Shakey’s checks for pretending to be his girlfriend start bouncing.

  3. BS is going to surprise ol’ Hoge and seek criminal perjury charges! A crafty and original tactic that…oh, what? You say he pulled that one before? How’d it go? FAIL? And he thinks no one will figure it out? What about the definition of insanity?

  4. Well, well due to the overwrought tweets from a certain party involved in this law suit I know and he knows who had their ass handed to them by the judge.

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