Team Kimberlin Post of the Day


2017 MAY 03 13:30:47 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 03 13:39:09 UTC page/2
2017 MAY 03 16:02:00 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 03 18:11:12 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 03 18:11:25 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 03 18:12:13 UTC search=order
2017 MAY 03 18:12:41 UTC page/2 search=order
2017 MAY 03 18:12:54 UTC search=interrogatory
2017 MAY 03 18:21:55 UTC search=show+cause
2017 MAY 03 18:25:22 UTC search=show+cause
2017 MAY 03 18:31:12 UTC search=compel
2017 MAY 03 18:41:53 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 03 18:42:02 UTC 2017/03
2017 MAY 03 18:43:42 UTC 2017/01
2017 MAY 03 18:45:54 UTC 2017/02
2017 MAY 03 19:02:42 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 03 19:02:51 UTC 2017/03
2017 MAY 03 19:03:40 UTC tag/cabin-boy-bill-schmalfeldt
2017 MAY 04 00:38:07 UTC Home Page
2017 MAY 04 01:11:53 UTC Home Page

T-minus 1 day and counting.

62 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • Only enter if you are wearing a Level A HazMat suit… And then touch only the absolute minimum, watching out for glove snags…

      Eyebleach and a pre-set Neuralizer will be provided at the decontamination station for use after debriefing is complete…

  1. Isn’t it a little late to be trying to put together a strategy where Hoooooooooge doesn’t take your vehicle; your possessions; your wife (or your clock) ?

  2. I can’t think of many places better to be living than a cheap-ass hotel room with an inflatable skank if you want to feel like the walls are closing in on you.

    Even a tincasa would be better.

      • Ooh I’m sorry, third favourite. #1 is a mystery.

        I was going to make a joke about boy scouts, but that would taint the memory of this song. And by taint I mean uh, well, lets just not go there. It’s too dangerous. In that zone, I mean.

  3. I wonder if what he’s searching for was contained in one of those envelopes that were marked ” Return to Sender..Unable to forward….Oopsie Poopsie!

    • Hoge Manor Legal Library. Not sure that is the best place for Team Pedo to be researching. They have tried it in the past and LOST every motion. But keep screwing that chicken guys.

      • What do you mean? All DUMBFUCK needs to do is find a pleading that Our Gracious Host filed in a similar situation in the past, execute his own brand of Ktrl-C/Ktrl-V magic, forge his own signature and voila!

        Instant victory! I mean, it worked before, didn’t –

        …wait – what?


        Never mind.

  4. Has anyone read about any flooding in S. Carolina?

    Because you know after reading all those pages Bwilly the Uber Plimp must have gushed out enough Fear Pee to flood half the state.

    I hope he gets it out of his system before tomorrow, because otherwise he will end up having to pay for new flooring in the entire Courthouse.

  5. So let’s see. Bill told the Court he can’t drive and thus had to attend by Skype. He then moved to another state without telling the Court his new address. Hoge managed to get the Court to issue a Show Cause order, which the Court knows Bill has seen, because Bill was served by the Clinton, IA police.

    Since then, Bill has done some interesting things. If I have this correct:

    He filed an updated address with the Court.

    He sent the Court a motion showing his vehicle with “slashed” tires. He had previously sworn he could not drive. Oh, and that motion was denied.

    He drove to the Carolinas and back. And then drove back out to the Carolinas. Or at least so he claims. But he didn’t file a new address with the Court.

    But this means there is no reason why he can’t be in Maryland tomorrow.

    He failed to provide a written response, which was due last week. And over the last couple days he has started doing his “research.”

    He’s tried claiming Maryland courts can’t reach into Wisconsin, or cross the Mississippi (OK, he never actually claimed that last…sue me.) I forsee a new motion where he suggests the Maryland Court’s authority cannot cross the Mason-Dixon line.

    • Good summary, Dr. Mike. A couple of additions:
      He told the court he could not travel, then:
      got a license and bought a car within three weeks.
      Took the train, alone, to Chicago
      Drove at least twice, alone, to Chicago
      Moved, alone, to a two level single family home in Iowa
      Drove, alone, to Iowa
      Got a job where he had to stand in his feet
      Started a gofundme to finance a multi-thousand mile, cross country DRIVING trip which he planned to do, alone.

  6. BS is projecting again. Hoge does not pee himself when served, does not flee from state to state, does not evade service, and does not pretend that doing the laundry and cleaning the toilet once a year lead to weight loss and miraculous reversal of a progressive neurological disorder.

    • He also never said or even implied that it was William “Well she’s a dude so….” Schmalfeldt was the person logging in. But Bill is a narcissist. Everything must be about him so he ASSUMES the login post must only be about him. But Bill is a stupid, stupid man. Don’t be like Bill.

      World’s Stupidest Man™

  7. Any bets on which routine he’ll pull out for the hearing?
    1. Hoge is killing meeeeeeeee!
    2. I am wheelchair-bound for life.
    3. Can I plead mentally incompetent, your honor?
    4. PD dementia is a terrible thing, on the days I choose to have it.
    5. Those 9 restraining orders? Everyone made goo-goo eyes at the judge!
    6. I’ve stopped doing the laundry, so all of my symptoms are returning.

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