37 thoughts on “Logins

  1. Well, it’s entirely possible his red-headed alter ego was also searching the website. The question is, will Bill, I mean, his alter ego be wearing a red wig when he.. or “she”.. not that there is anything wrong with that.. shows up to court?

  2. Mr. Schmalfeldt’s defense should be quite inventive. I’m sure the exaggerations will be extremely fabricated.

      • I’m not sure what Waffle Houses you have been to but I can tell you that in the Carolina’s that odorous litigants, ne’er–do–wells, and other halfwits ARE their customer base.

  3. Bwahahahahahahaha!!

    I am CERTAIN that Hoge has forseen your strategery, Dumb*ck….

    Because your strategery involves doing absolutely everything you can to reinforce your title of dumbest m****rf***er on the planet.

    Because you suck.

    • Helen Keller could foresee DUMBFUCK’S tactics.

      Yes, I’m aware she’s dead.

      Also, she’s not now nor was she ever stupid enough to tell what she has foreseen.

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