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As I noted yesterday, Judge Hecker issued an order concerning motions for sanctions and contempt in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. I hit a trifecta. The judge denied both of the motions from the Kimberlins and the motion from the Cabin Boy™. He took less than a day to dispense with Schmalfeldt’s nonsense.

The judge’s ruling moots these two filings from the Kimberlins which I received in yesterday’s mail.

It also moots this opposition to The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt’s BS that I filed yesterday by granting one of the alternative forms of relief I sought.

Now that the court has ruled on these motion, I will make a few brief comments on them.

As I noted in my opposition to the Kimberlins’ motion accusing me of forging a extract from the Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. trial transcript, my version of the transcript was identical to the official transcript on file with the case docket. Indeed, it was a copy generated from the PDF database of the official transcript. Thus, by accusing me of forgery, they were implying that the official transcript was forged. The court clearly didn’t buy that attempted tall tale. (The obvious joke is left to the Gentle Reader as an exercise.)

I suspect that the Kimberlins’ motion for sanctions has helped my case. I won’t say more than that for now.

As for the Cabin Boy’s™ ill-advised foolishness … I’ll bet it offered some suggestions for questions the judge may want to ask on Friday.

T-minus 3 days and counting.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

Oh, one more thing—

I also received this from the Kimberlins in yesterday’s mail:

I’ll just say this about that—The court didn’t ask the parties when we were available for the trial. We’ve been told when to show up.

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    • I would LOVELOVELOVE to hear which provision of VAWA The Diddler thinks is in play here. The attempted kidnapping is a nice touch too.

      Telling obvious, ridiculous lies to the finder of fact in your upcoming trial is pretty awesome strategery.

      • he’s reliving his first dates with his14 Yr old child bride, that’s how I read this whole screed

      • Is the attempted Kidnapping when T. went on vacation with a friend, and almost managed to get the kids to go with her? Because I remember when a custodial parent taking a kid on a trip was also attempted kidnapping in his view.


  2. Is it me, or is Kimby’s desperation getting more, well, desperate?

    If he were smart, he would have [REDACTED] in paragraph [REDACTED]. And [REDACTED]. He should probably also [REDACTED]. It would also help if he didn’t act like a whiny bitch in his request for a trial date postponement so his family can go in some exotic vacation on a sub-$20K annual salary.

    Oh, who am I kidding? If he were actually smart, he wouldn’t be in this position in the first place.

    How’s that brass-knuckles reputation management working out for you, Brett?

  3. Hoge’s footnote 5 in his now moot motion kinda shows the conspiratorial nature of Kimby and Biwwy, don’t it?

  4. I wonder what coupons he found for a 24/7 security company and a vacation spot where he can afford both on 19,500 a year.

    Although its painfully obvious he doesn’t want to state where he is going on vacation is due to the can of worms it will open for him, the over under on “because Maryland” might let him get away with it

  5. I would like to see proof that the plaintiff in this case is an adjudicated stalker, and not some perjurer’s/forger’s claim to the adjudication. Of course, Brett doesn’t know what ‘adjudicated’ means, but knows it was used repeatedly and successfully against him.

  6. ” Unless the court finds that a petition for contempt is frivolous on its face, the court shall enter an order providing for (i) a prehearing conference, or (ii) a hearing, or (iii) both”

    So that means the court found the petitions…

  7. I get the feeling that Judge Hecker is willing to go so far, but the filings presented by both Schmalfeldt and Kimberlin, with the ever-increasing hysteria and nonsensical drama may be starting to turn him off. The fact he responded so quickly and used rule 15-206 strongly suggests he recognizes the fertilizer by the smell before it lands on his desk.

    Good job, boys! I think if you don’t foresee the coming .. um.. hilarity.. you haven’t been paying attention.

    *Please note, this post has been scanned for potential death threats by Ninja Kittens™ ..

    • To each their own, but if my parents want to foot the bill for me to go somewhere, who am I to turn down a free trip. (I stopped going when life interfered.)

  8. “The court clearly didn’t buy that attempted tall tale. (The obvious joke is left to the Gentle Reader as an exercise.)”

    Ill try,

    “But, once again Brett Kimberlin came up a little short!”

  9. Brett Kimberlin is seeking protection for himself under the Violence Against Women Act.

    1) Enough said.

    2) Brett Kimberlin knew the tentative trial date when the case was filed. He had every opportunity to schedule any proposed vacation around that those dates. He chose not to adjust his vacation. If he is unwilling to communicate with plaintiff, he could hire a lawyer to negotiate an alternate date. His announcement that he has filed yet another false complaint to the federalees only indicates that he will use any delay to further harass and embarrass John Hoge with yet more dishonest, incomplete, misleading, false and malicious criminal complaints. This is partially why John Hoge is seeking relief. Justice delayed is Justice denied.

  10. I am not sure exactly why, but I think that Kimberlin finds being a plaintiff more fun than being a defendant.

    Anyone sued by Kimberlin in the future should take note.

  11. As I have said before, the only way to stop a bully and their nonsense is a form of bullying, it is to push back. A prompt summary denial is not enough. Monetary sanctions are the only way. And when they do not pay, deny them the right to use the courts.

  12. I’d love to get a look at Kimby’s financials. I’d LOVE to see how he affords lavish vacations, 24/7 security, and all the trips to Nashville for his stepdaughter on his pittance. He should go on the Dave Ramsey show and give us his secrets to money management.

  13. In keeping with past behavior, next filings should be to accuse the Judge of Bias and request he recuse himself. Followed by more like minded trash……

  14. Regarding the last item, refusal to confer, the little scumbag stops just short of outright saying ” you, judge. Don’t tell me what to do.” That attitude should go over real well at trial. I wonder how much more it will take to trigger a contempt finding?

    Of course, if Maryland courts hadn’t put up with his nonsense for so long, things might never have gotten to this point. So, limited sympathy.

    • WordPress interpreted my self-redacted in brackets as HTML. Arrgh. Should be…outright saying “f5ck you, judge…

    • I don’t have any sympathy at all.

      The judge has the power to stop it. He chooses not to. That’s his problem.

      What gets me is not the way he talks to the judge, it’s that he pretty much makes up crimes to do it. Actually it’s worse than that, he’s repeating made up crimes that have been rejected by the courts on multiple occasions. You shouldn’t be able to get away with that in a pleading.

    • Re Violence against Women Act – as writing truthful blog posts about the public activities of or related to a litigious felon who terrorized a town with bombs, blew off a good samaritan’s leg and sent shraphnel flying into said samaritan’s wife, is not only not prophibited by law but a public service – he’s going to get shut down on that, obviously.
      What’s also obvious is that when he gets shut down, as he must, he’ll start some stupid lawsuit demanding “gender symmetry” – claiming the only reason he was shut down is gender discrimination.

      • In fairness to Brett, the bomb only mangled the Veteran’s leg so badly it had to be amputated; the bomb did not traumatically amputate the leg outright.

        Otherwise, yup.

  15. 1. The Court requests that Defendants (1) confer with Plaintiff to determine the other party’s position, (2) set forth an agreeable date with the plaintiff and Assignment Officer, and (3) attach documentation establishing the need for postponement.

    Looks like he forgot to follow the courts direction. Going on vacation is not a reason to postpone trial–especially when the court asked if there were any objections before setting the new date.

  16. Several thoughts-

    1. I get the impression Brett thinks John transcribed audio to produce the transcript. What in hell is he thinking? But then he indicates he’s received certified transcripts. Both THEN- Brett goes back to reference audio… This is going to be SO EASY for the court to check.

    2. Paragraph 7 of the transcript document cracks me up. “…grand director of the masquerade… the curtain goes up…” The Judges eyes narrow. He sits up straighter in his chair. “…and it is time he pays the piper.” Just so, the Judge thinks. It’s clear now, in a way that it wasn’t before, what MUST be done. Judge Hecker steeples his fingers and intones ominously, “Needs must when the Devil drives.” Lightening flashes in Maryland and the thunder rolls in shortly thereafter.

    3. The second document, starting out with the 1st Amendment crack, is unhinged. The ‘Hollywood actress’ example is just drop-dead fantastic case law. Keep it up, Brett. Winning!

    4. Admonish the court with respect to its responsibilities. Keep it up, Brett. So much winning. You’ll likely be sick of it shortly, but- Who really knows? Because Maryland. I’m eager to see how this plays out.

    • Very good.

      Note that Brett states that he has received a certified copy. He then provides hearsay testimony that the transcription service confirms that what they sent is true and accurate; he never claims that what he presented is what they delivered and confirmed.

      Three Card Monty…

      • I can imagine the micropedo mailing himself a copy of his forgery via certified mail just so he can say, “I’ve got a certified copy!”

    • In the second document, anyone else notice the part where he swears the REAL transcript will get sent over on MONDAY, MAY 2nd. Good luck with that.

  17. I haven’t fully figured out what BS is planning with his latest fake significant other, but it promises to be entertaining. Via one of his sock accounts, BS is arguing that the account has existed since 2009, so it must be a different person and not him.

    Uh, no.

    BS has had over 200 different Twitter accounts, and new discoveries of his dormant accounts continue to be made. He has ~10 accounts now. He used to tweet using the account of his sister, @bexmajella, which Twitter closed for abuse of its TOS.

    There is no girlfriend. There never will be.

    • Speaking of his sister, some of the photos that he has posted of various people who he says are his boyfriend/girlfriend, including the photoshopped avatars, may actually be of her. Strong family resemblance.

    • I actually think she’s real.

      People at the bottom do find each other. Face it, the dude’s not going to wind up with a Kardashian sister. Right?

      If she makes him happy, ok- If she gets him off the internet bully-shtick, even better.

      Getting off the internet 18 months ago would likely have saved Bill a lawsuit. Too late now, I suspect. Not least because he’s poured gasoline on the existing fire several times over the last 3 months.

      • One of the photos he posted was of a dude with razor stubble. Another guy looked like John Denver. Seriously. He’s just trolling.

        Rumor has it (maybe it was from one of the people BS tried to date in Wisconsin- maybe Johnny Atsign interviewed her) that one of his shticks is to tell credulous women that he is an undercover dem operative whose job it is to undermine popular conservatives on the net. Maybe Johnny know all and sees all.

        Nah. There is no PI named Johnny Atsign. It’s all fiction.

      • We are arguing the girlfriend isn’t real. If by some miracle he has a “girlfriend” like you believe , we certainly don’t think that is a female.

  18. tried in the court of his readers’ opinions where it will gin up those readers

    I won’t stand for this slander. I read Hoge’s posts while enjoying a fine rye whiskey, not a distilled Christmas tree.

  19. Lemme see if I can wrap myself around the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber’s argument here regarding that transcript…

    1) The official transcriber, presumably a seasoned professional, misheard Tetyana twice saying “like” and typing it as “lie.”

    2) Our Gracious Host quoted that official transcript, in full knowledge that it was defective, and his argument was based on that mistake.

    3) The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber either knew it was in error and said nothing, or saw Our Gracious Host cite it, went back to the audio, and discovered the “error.”

    4) The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber contacted the transcription service, and they admitted that error and apologized to The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber.

    I would be fascinated to see what the transcription service would say, in open court, under oath, about the accuracy of their transcript, who questioned them about it, and the results of how they reviewed the audio for accuracy… especially if they can supply the person on their end who spoke to the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber.

    And I am still amazed at the incredible coincidence that the error was in the perfect place to be cited by Our Gracious Host, and how Our Gracious Host was cunning enough to ruthlessly exploit the error instead of asking it be corrected, and how The Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber was brilliant enough to see through the cunning scheme…

    • They should be able to supply the audio recording of said communication. Do not know about Maryland but most states any correction’s to transcripts have to requested through the court in writing.

  20. Based upon the denials, the tone, the vitriol, Brett, Bill, your exposure just went north to six figures.

  21. Ukranians don’t drop K’s, apparently.
    So maybe I will spring for that audiodisc after all.
    Because I see lie making perfect sense in context, especially for the second “lie” – and I think its what she said and what she meant to say.

    As in, she said, in gist and sting, ok, I said false things and I did it for what I thought was their best interest, so let me go – this is between these two guys. (And Brett has hung his hat on her capacity to say false things, such as when she described her abuse at his hands when she was a girl)

  22. Oy vey. It does appear that Judge Hecker has finally had enough, yet “Because Maryland” he used the lightest touch possible by simply denying the filings.

    However ,”Because Maryland” doesn’t seem like it will hold up until trial.

    Whomever said above that next will be the attempt to get the judge to recuse himself has got it right. Same ol Situation. Same ol ball n chain.

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