2 thoughts on “Tonight’s Sky: May, 2017

  1. Umm, where do I begin?

    Actually, that’s my question with Mars and Jupiter, where and when do I look? They don’t say.

    Then they go beyond planets. To the constellation of Virgo, which “celebrates women.” Um… Okay… Yeah, kinda…

    Then they go to the Sombrero Galaxy. Umm, cultural approbration much? How about the Tacos Cluster, or the Nachos Major Grande?

    Oh, and REALLY??? WTF??? WE PAY NASA FOR THIS??? really, serious critique to follow.

    05:35 they say check out Venus’s crescent phase, an hour before sunset. The crescent points UP?!!?!!eleventy!!?WTF!one! How does Venus’s crescent point UP, an hour BEFORE sunrise?

    Seriously, NASA. Hire a smart undergrad to fact check these things. You make your employing WJJH look bad with some of these videos.

    • Sorry, at 0:5:35 on the video, early AM not late PM in “real” time, they showed Venus’s horns pointing upwards, which is still wrong even though this is now morning not evening. If the Sun is below the horizon, why are a crescent Venus’s horns pointing upwards?


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