34 thoughts on “Meanwhile, Back in Westminster …

  1. That’s Schmalfeldt’s motion from Thursday, right?

    Tossed the next day?

    I thought for sure they’d wait the weekend…

  2. 1) Notice to “Scmalfeldt?” (snort)

    2) I wonder to which addresses the notices were sent…

      • But who would be stupid enough to advertise that they were an editor of such a site? Why, it’s almost impossible to imagine stupidity that immense!

        • Almost.

          Without literally years of supporting data I wouldn’t have believed it.

          Heck, it took me long enough to cross click when AW the TOMcCain kept putting up this picture of a giant pimple. Heck it took a while to realize it was human.

          I’ll bet a certain unpopped zit wishes it had just let it slide when Hoge called it “some Bozo.” Or maybe obeyed the first few Court Orders of Protection.

          I could be wrong. Nobody has gone bankrupt betting on the stupidity of Bill Schmalfeldt.

  3. I imagine there will be another one in short order, dealing with the one that’s not addressed in this.

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  5. If I am reviewing the docket correctly, we may have a two-fer here.

    Only the Kimberlins had an open Motion for Sanctions (137/0) and only DUMBFUCK had a request for a Show Cause Order (142/0). The order as shown above denies BOTH.

    What a shame it would be if that turned out to be true.

    • “Denying motion (singular) and declining to issue orders (plural)” may even indicate a three-in-one, at least technically.

      • That makes sense, as the request for a contempt finding should have been a motion to show cause. Either way, it looks like this judge is keeping a rocket docket when it comes to ridiculous filings. Kimberlin’s motion gone in a week, and Schamlfeldt’s in 4 days. He doesn’t seem to be suffering fools gladly.

        Say, this is a bench trial, ain’t it?

      • Damned NFA.

        The ATF got to Google and WordPress with their “interpretation” of the implementation of the “Like” button.

        You don’t want to know what that button is like in NY or CA. Ten likes on ten computers, OK. An eleventh like on an eleventh machine (even virtual) and BAM! Illegal capacity!

        Really, the Phone Cops have nothing on them.

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