3 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. And in utterly unrelated news, The Babylon Bee reports that Federal agents were unable to find any sound biblical doctrine In Benny Hinn’s offices. “We tore that place apart and I can confirm that there was absolutely zero biblical theology to be found,” an IRS spokesperson said.

    However, the IRS did approve Hinn’s application as a non-prophet ministry. “After our investigation,” a spokesperson said, “we really couldn’t argue that point.”


  2. In college, I dated/shackled up with a female mechanical engineer who was interning at the local Purina plant. (Hey, Nancy, I know you are reading this! 😉 )

    Not only did they do occasional runs of monkey chow and lion chow, they also produced “prison chow”, which we called “Purina People Chow”.

    It was just as nasty as you might imagine.

    When entertaining (read “Roy made garbage can wine! Come over for free booze!”), we’d set a bowl out. By party’s end, it’d all be gone…

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