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The Kimberlins have filed a motion in which they accused me of forging a transcript.

I don’t intend to make any further substantive public comment on their motion until the court has ruled on it.

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  1. I’ll comment! John’s version is the transcript exactly as it is in the record in my case. That is, it is the version delivered directly into the docket. I’ve seen it myself.

    And I have good reason to believe that one of the Kimberlins know this.

    • It may well be that the transcriptionist misheard Tetyana, but that would need to be taken up with some sort of motion to correct the record. Accusing Hoge of altering the transcript and offering a defaced version as “proof” is the most arse-backwards way to go about this possible.

      Well perhaps not, but Brett isn’t tall enough to reach the chandeliers and I don’t think he has enough mass to get one swinging even if he could.

      He does, however, have a plentiful supply of monkey poop to fling.

      • This is like when he forged the green card so it reflected what he wanted the Post Office to do.

        …I don’t think he has enough mass to get one swinging even if he could.

        You’d be amazed at the range of things you can do with a little Tovex.

      • In fact in the exact wrong way to go about it. You don’t demand sanctions based on the premise that
        the transcriptionist transcribed the hearing correctly.

    • Aaron: “the transcript exactly as it is in the record in my case”

      “That’s PROOF that it’s forged!!!!” Biwwy Schmallballz (provably)

  2. Well, we knew with your history of eating Presidential Seals, admitting to forging documents in other cases, and your conviction of perjury, that this was a potential outcome.

    Oh wait.

  3. Dude is violating his parole on a seemingly daily basis with zero consequences. I think all parolees should move to Maryland (and honorable people might want to think about moving out of Maryland), then wall the entire state in.

  4. One might think even the Maryland courts might eventually get tired of this and apply the law. Evidently not.

  5. “Yes, your honor, I am a convicted perjurer and forger, and yes, I did those other things in this case and other cases, but I’ve really learned my lesson this time! But HOOOOOGE knows about all that! That’s why he thinks he can forge documents in this case, and blame it on me! It’s all him! Him and the rest of his lickspittles! They’re setting me up! They’re COUNTING on my record being used against me!”

    Gosh, I hope this doesn’t fall under the category of “educating the trolls…”

  6. “The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends towards justice.”

    –Martin Luther King, Jr.

    “Hold my beer.”


  7. He lies incessantly. He lies badly. He lies when his lies are easily revealed. He lies when it would be advantageous to tell the truth or at least say nothing.

    And he seems to get away with it in Maryland at least for the last several years. Maybe forging court transcripts will cross the line. Not holding my breath.

    • Quite.

      Thing is, I get it why people would lie when it was a situation without some sort of objective source to measure against.

      But here, it’s dead easy to work out who is correct. What’s the point?

      I guess the answer comes down to
      a) Lack of morals
      b) Lack of consequences when caught
      c) The nuisance and trouble before caught

      Well, I guess I answered my own question.

  8. As a lawyer, I am appalled by this kind of conduct. But until judges punish serial pro she litigators with meaningful sanctions it will continue. Kind of like the Berkeley riots and violence. The police stand back and permit to occur. And our freedom is eroded.

    • The in my case has admitted that he does NOT read any of the filings. If he had the case would have been dismissed not one document supports the #VeroBachCrybully case that I’ve called him a Pedophile (in fact he has called me a pedo among may other horrific things and has proudly admitted to doing that under oath he did even care if his libel was true or not) or hurt his reputation. In fact he is unemployed lives in the home mummy and daddy bought and spends 8 hours a day playing and streaming online video games. I don’t see how it is possible to hurt the reputation of a man who cheers for Christian genocide is happy Syrian children are gassed, tells Trump voters to kill themselves and posts his hope that the POTUS and Director Comey is assassinated or “Whacked!”

  9. I lost track of how many items in Hoge’s exhibits, beyond the current issue, demonstrate courts catching Brett Kimberlin lying in court, and letting him get away with it with a stern “and don’t do it again!”

    Home, out sick…

  10. Why does bill prefers dogs over children? When you abandon them, there’s no child support

  11. This go-round is a fairly egregious fraud on the court, though. It also materially weakens his ability now and in the future to have any complaint taken seriously or non- compliance with rules excused or forgiven.

    I’d like to hear the audio, because I think the transcriptionist may have gotten it right and probably did. I’m not going to order a cd I don’t think, but there are people who heard her in real time or perhaps after the fact who have fuller context and may know for certain what she was saying.

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