86 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I sure hope that Soulmate 4.0 isn’t moving the Yokohama Casanova in because she needs help with the rent, because the garnishee on his Social Security is going to make that impractical soon.

    A man with a judgement to be entered against him before the summer’s out and a busted crank. What a catch!

    And I suspect that by tomorrow morning, Boom Boom Kimberlin will stop returning his emails. The Diminished Capacity Kid has tacitly admitted to being Breitbart Unmasked, and he completely undercut last week’s hysterical (in both meanings of the word) “WITNESS INTIMIDATION” motion with this tweet.

    Tomorrow’s feldtdown will be one for the ages. Perhaps even Slovenian horseshit good!

  2. Shakeys’ spin on how he KNOWS!!11!! our esteemed host is completely and totally WRONG!!11!!! should be interesting.

  3. I guarantee Biwwy did NOT foresee this one.

    Not like you have to be a psychic to make THAT guarantee. Dumbf5ck’s gonna dumbf5ck and all.

    But yeah, I think this was the court filing beat down that was heard around the world.

  4. “Any questions you have about service of such papers should be directed to a Maryland attorney.”






    • Well, some prophecies are fulfilled in unexpected ways. Others simply come round and trample the prophet like a cape buffalo in a bad mood. Or a cheerful one.

      Phone, train.

    • So, he’s going to hire a car to drive him to MD and try to stick Mr. Hoge with the bill? Will he give the driver a five star rating?

  5. Before accepting the “job” at BU, Cabin Boy should have remembered the words of Stan Lee: “With great power comes great responsibility.”

    Or, in his case, “with a meaningless title and a trivial amount of power comes full legal liability.”

    You (shoulda) known the job was dangerous when you took it, Blobbo…

    • He should have, but seeing how he is the World’s Stupidest Man™ he didn’t have a chance.

      Hell, even the pedo lover Osborne had the sense to cut and run from BU when he saw what Kimberlin was up to. Not our Laardvark though, no, he is smaht. Walked right into the job without ever wondering what Kimberlin was up to. We kept telling you Bill, they aren’t your friends, they are you handlers.

  6. Remember way back when, last week I think, when Bill was gloating that Hoge lost his motion for summary judgement against Billy Boy Unread? He’s probably the only one who didn’t see this as the logical next step.

    I don’t know where Bill is residing now, but he’s in deep doo doo.

    • Yep. You called it, John. The Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt’s “billogic” does not serve him well at all. He entirely lacks any ability to predict and/or see the next logical approach/step coming around the bend.

      Heck. Everybody (but, him) knew what an idiotic idea it was for him to once again become the editor of BU. The timing was ridiculous. But, old Blob knew better… he always knows better. 🙄

      The fact he thought it was a splendid idea – when the former editor (and, his co-defendant!) Matt “Bunny Boy” Osborne was stepping down, tucking tail, and going into hiding – is hilarious! You just can’t make this stuff up. *smh*

      He just can’t stop screwing himself over. lol!

      gb420 pretty much spelled it out for the fat dummy over at TMZ, too.


  7. “Any questions you have about service of such papers should be directed to a Maryland lawyer.”

      • And Stacey McCain, if I recall correctly.

        This is worse than that. Oliver Wendell Jones should seriously consider pleading stupidity.

    • That is Johnnie Cochran which means it should read
      “Schmalfeldt you say? Can he pay to play? If so I’m his man if not then I don’t want nothing to do with it.”

  8. Oh, good, BS is clearly not afraid of being stalked or harassed!

    • That right there is a witness who doesn’t sound very intimidated.

      Am I the only one who kind of hopes that Kimberlin’s motion for a show cause hearing is granted? It’ll be funny, I promise!!

      • It’s also another admission that he has NO idea who Paul Krendler is. He could be tweeting to himself for all we know, since he admitted that he himself is Krendler. To the uninitiated reader, all of this just sounds nuts. To the knowledgeable, it sounds like typical Schmalfeldt.

    • So wait, Bill made a statement that Paul is a coward and that the only way to know for sure is to have a phone number?

      Pretty crazy logic there. If you can’t win your fight in court or on the internet, you surely aren’t going to win it with a phone call. Dear Lord, there is dense, and then there is Schmalfeldt.

        • On the list of things he “needs”, sobering the fuck up and settling before he dies an undischarged bankrupt should be much higher on the list.

          But it isn’t, which is why I love him so. He’ll throw away whatever’s left of his life just to entertain me,

          I should have “WWBSD” bracelets made.

          • Blocked? Why I thought old Unca Biwwy said only cowardly pussies blocked people on Twitter. Yet here he is blocking someone. Kinda lets you know who the cowardly pussy really is doesn’t it?

          • It wouldn’t help him. Shia LaBeouf’s ‘He Will Not Divide Us’ project has been crashed FOUR TIMES now by 4chan, using obsessive analysis over clues to locate LaBeouf’s latest move.

            Cabin Boy should thank God that they haven’t turned their weaponized autism on him.

          • I am a bad person for thinking that 4chan going after BS would be less than he deserved? (And might be amusing for the outsider watching it unfold.)

        • I’ve heard that ‘private conversations’ with slobberingly flamboyant older men may be distasteful, but aren’t really to be feared by anyone with the ability to just step up onto a curb.

          So I’m not getting how avoiding the almost certain urge to vomit translates to cowardice.

    • Meh. Bill’s such a master at identifying people, he can find Krendler’s name and number himself.

      NB: He’s admitted here he knows Krendler isn’t Grady.

      • Bill tried that once — got thrown out of every appliance store in town, and nearly had to have surgery on his ear.

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