Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Kimberlins’ filings seem to be becoming more unhinged. I received this in yesterday’s mail.

The usual disclaimer about not making any substantive comment outside of a court paper until the court rules applies to this motion as well.

113 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. In a law suite alleging conspiracy;y they seem to be going out of their way to prove they are conspiring.

    Brett you are a lair according to the U.S. Courts, that little conviction for perjury why that is lying.

    You are on parole so if this court or any random officer of the law wants to see your parole documents, you better be able to show them. The court–also the public for that matter–need to know if you are in violation of your condition of parole.

  2. Was posting that blog really the wisest move by the littlest terrorist? Surely just about any other TKPOTD would be less damaging to his claims.

    Guess you struck a nerve.

  3. Dear Judge,

    I daily go to the Plaintiff’s website of my own volition and terrorize myself. Save me from myself.

    Midget and Slob

    Did I get that right?

  4. Just wow. Desperate much? 😂

    I’ll tell ya what though – courtesy of that unsupported, hysterical bullspit the Domestic Terrorist Brett “The Speedway Bomber” Kimberlin filed… that whole “slashed” tires and police report narrative/exercise the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt relentlessly carried on about can sure be viewed through a different lens.

    Obvious is obvious. *smh*

  5. Once you blow a guy’s leg off with a home-made bomb, sue his widow, commit perjury, conspire to kill a prosecutor, promise that you’ll sue people for the rest of their lives, commit forgery and weaponize the courts through nonsense litigation…people are going to have a low opinion of you.

  6. I couldn’t help it. I stopped reading it after the part about schmalfeldt filing papers for harassment.

    He’s hoping for a combination of “because Maryland” mixed with “see, our plan is going to work and I am so totally NOT going to throw you under the bus. I swear (but not under penalty of perjury)!!!

  7. Does Johhny Atsign conduct electronic surveillance? Like bugging a house when the occupant leaves on vacation? Or how about putting tracking devices on cars?

    His character just fascinates me. I wish he was a real, live breathing person with a valid PI license.

  8. “The defendant hides behind the First Amendment and plausible deniability.” That’s Brett Kimberlin’s way of stating, “I’m making accusations for which I have no proof, nor even evidence.”

    “The defendants could write a 50-page motion detailing all the threats, [etc.]” That’s Brett Kimberlin admitting to the court that he won’t be providing the Court any evidence to back up his assertions.

    “However, the defendant’s are prepared to provide that evidence to the Judge in an ex parte hearing.” That’s Brett Kimberlin’s way of saying, “I’m an convicted perjurer and document forger who has been caught several times recently forging evidence in a civil proceeding. I can’t be caught again if the plaintiff is unaware of what I forged.”

  9. Just curious… if Mr. Hoge is like a mob capo, is his regular disclaimer about not prematurely commenting on filings his way of saying “don’t ask me about my business”?

  10. In the motion for sanctions, very few facts. It actually admits that it could go on for 50 pages, but relies mostly on ad hominem attacks instead. If the motion focused on facts, it would probably be much less than 10 pages. Weak!

    • If it focused on facts, it would consist of a truncated opening statement and maybe half the final sentence. There is almost no there there. I suppose you could leave in the “the”s and the “and”s, and maybe the various forms of the verb “to be”.

      Which daughter are TFS supposed to be “harassing” by not noticing her existence today? I thought the one who they had sought the denied peace order for was already over 18 now?

  11. Poor pathetic Bill Schmalfeldt. After all, he was just minding his own business and hasn’t put out literally hundreds of comically menacing tweets and blog posts of the kind that Boom Boom Kimberlin is is currently mewling like a pussy over.

    Oh. Wait …

  12. Clinton Iconoclast‏ @Iconoclast52732 14h14 hours ago
    Replying to @PaulZKrendler
    So pretend, Patrick. Pretend anyone gives a shit about you. Pretend Hoggy is your friend. Pretend you MEAN anything. You don’t. I do.

    Anyone else find this ironic coming from a man whose own kids won’t come near him? Whose own kids won’t let their kids be near him? Whose in laws basically told him to shove it up his ass when he tried to cajole them into standing up for him? Even the Federal Govt was willing to let him take his pretendy disability just to get him out of the building. Heck, the Ninjanuns didn’t even want him around anymore. “His People” in Iowa? Well it appears they first fired him, and are now running him out of town…..again. This man has been kicked to the curb by pretty much everyone in his life. It’s not them, it’s you Bill. I know Bill has a long history of projecting all his failures on everyone else. But it’s OK, we see it even if Bill “I lost in court to a 3 year old” Schmalfeldt doesn’t.

    • Of the literally millions of words worth of oversharing Bill Schmalfeldt has either published or broadcast, I’m not aware of him over using the phrase “my friend of forty years.”

      Because it’s a minor miracle if someone can tolerate the sight of him for forty days.

  13. I have a new court strategy that will lead to a default victory for TGG.

    Have someone stand by the court doors with a sign that says, “You must be this tall to enter the court room”; and make a mark at the 5 ft 5 inch height.

    Brett will have a flashback to all the times he had to ride the kiddie rides at the amusement park; and leave.

      • I like the Pointer Sisters song…

        I’m so incited,
        And I just can’t hide it,
        I’m about to lose control
        And I think I like it!

        (note to the judge reading this once it gets submitted as part of a court filing: it’s a joke. I am not being incited.)

  14. I think we all know that Bill Schmalfeldt would NEVER engage in intimidation in anticipation of a judicial hearing.

    …… Or not.

    Oopsie poopsie!

  15. Meh.
    We’ve been round and round these same memes and behaviors and feldtdowns so many times I just don’t think it matters any more. Its so predictable. He’ll preen and declare himself all sorts of stuff that he just simply isn’t, then accuse everyone of the same old vile things that they simply are not while baldly ignoring the glaring beams in his own eyes. All the fraudulence and legal abuse gets all mixed up to where no one really cares and the hope of getting any kind of official penalty against him gets as unlikely as bringing your average welfare queen to account. If an illusory girlfriend stitched up from a few online comments will tranquilize him until his physical failings shuffle his coil that last little bit its probably worth it to let him slide.

  16. I just want to say, I read this this morning and couldn’t believe it. I’ve checked, and here are my comments:

    1) Why does Brett’s reprint of Hoge’s web page have a lower resolution than Brett’s scan of a crappy resolution copy of the transcription of his wife’s testimony?

    2) He edits out the Scribd link. So the entire exhibit is already an altered document.

    3) Half the avatars don’t show up. So… I’m guessing not PrintScreen?

    4) It shows BPO at 08:43 17 April 2017’s comment. But it does not show Krendler’s comment, with a bottle of JWR as an image, at 01:32 the same day. So… I’m guessing… really not PrintScreen?

    5) LG at 03:10: reply from AJ F H at 05:50 is missing, despite later comments being posted. Oh, wait… It and a reply from JeffM at 09:19 are both shown… just not as replies to LG. So… not just “random data losses” but actual editing is going on here. From Brett Kimberlin, the Speedway Bomber, known perjurer, and (strongly) suspected pedophile? Say it isn’t true? The guy who forged a court summons would never falsify an exhibit!!!!!

    6) VV Free Parking comic at 05:49: Oh, so it’s not that Brett’s copy paste system “fails” to copy pictures, he got this one just fine.

    7) Ash at 15:26, so any earlier missing posts are missing due to editing, not “accident.”

    8) ends at Kyle at 11:46, but skips following comments that came prior to ~ 16:00 comments shown previously… Brett edited out at least six following comments. He lists Exhibit A as Hoge’s post, not an edited copy of Hoge’s post.

    What can you expect from a guy who knows what the Presidential Seal tastes like?

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