Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The images on the left have been extracted from the exhibits in the contempt motion the Cabin Boy™ sent me last week, a motion he may or may not have filed in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. The top image shows the timestamp on the photograph he made of his flat tires that he alleges were vandalized. The bottom image is from the police report that he included as an exhibit with his motion. Note that he photographed the tires around noon on the 1st but that he didn’t call the cops until the next day.

Maybe he got a busy signal when he dialed 9-1-1.

32 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. This is going to be one of those “who you gonna believe? Me or your lyin’ eyes?” moments, isn’t it?

  2. The camera was clearly lying by pretending to be April fool’s day. That’s what happens on April….2

    Okay, um…

    Clearly, the 12:05 meant MIDNIGHT, not noon! That’s why it’s so…bright.


    Biwwy, your best option is to plead insanity.

  3. It is truly hilarious to watch Cabin Boy and The Dread Pedo as they forget and fake their “evidence”. They display incompetence of the sort Woody Allen made his early career depicting.

  4. Random thought of the day: It takes time to figure out a con, even for grifters.
    Second random thought of the day: I [redact] myself!

  5. Maybe he needed to work overnight to clean out the empties, mitigate the evidence of multiple curb strikes, and ditch the Scout Leader uniform, etc

  6. I… Once actually got put on hold with 911. No joke. I ran the service desk at a student center and during a fundraiser a donor passed out. We called both campus security and 911 for an ambulance.
    I spent maybe 10 minutes on hold and finally hung up (the donor insisted no ambulance, they took her to get some fresh air. I would have preferred an ambulance but donors words are basically law at a college.)

    About 20 minutes later the desk got an angry call from the police station insisting we had abused 911. I patiently explained what had happened, why I hung up and that our entire PR department was downstairs at the fundraiser if he really wanted to try to push the issue about who was in the wrong. He apologized and hung up.

  7. Saw this in an article at Town Hall and thought if you just change Democrats to William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt it would be just as true

    Don’t change a thing, Democrats.

    The problem isn’t you. It’s those stupid idiots who won’t obey you because they’re stupid idiots. How can those idiots be so stupid?

    Who knows? But what’s clear is that it’s not your fault. It’s theirs. So when the going gets tough, and you aren’t making progress – in fact, when you’re moving backwards – what’s the smart play? Double down!

    Hey, the dealer’s showing an ace in a face-heavy deck and you’ve got a six, what do you do? Double down!

  8. looks like ofc Giuliani closed the case on April 2nd. No evidence of vandalism, funny just like parkinsons. Vanderbilt, according to the gs13 failure wrote in one of his forgotten books or blog posts that he received disturbing paperwork from them hinting or the obviouse conclusion that they were ending his participation in the study and thegs13 author wrote that they wanted to be indemnified from liability for drilling two unneeded wholes in his head.

  9. Golly, gee willikers, maybe because a certain DumDum Bluebeard filed a motion for contempt that involved accusing WJJH of conspiring to slash tires? Maybe that’s why? How someone with an IQ of 70, combined with significant alcohol ingestion, remembers to breathe, is a mystery.

  10. Says the man whose 6 children and assorted step-children want nothing to do with him, don’t follow him on Twitter or FB, and also the man who has never met his grandchildren. I have to wonder why his ex wives wouldn’t leave him with the kids, and why his children protected the grandkids from him. Could it be because of the psychology revealed by his tweets? It reveals an obsession, YET AGAIN, with poop, eating poop, and WJJH’s genitalia.

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