Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

An interesting timeline—

1 April—The Cabin Boy™ takes a picture of his SUV with two flat tires.

2 April—The Cabin Boy™ files his vandalism report with the Clinton, Iowa, Police Department.

4 April—Show Cause Order served on the Cabin Boy™ by the Clinton County Sheriff’s Office.

6 April—Vandalism investigation closed by Clinton PD.

10 April—Cabin Boy™ files his “contempt” motion.

It’s been a while since that motion was supposedly filed, but nothing has appeared on the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. online docket. Did the Cabin Boy™ forget to enclose the $32 filing fee for a contempt petition with his motion?

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

76 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. It’s going to be fun to watch Captive-Nurse II read up on the Cabin Boy. I would hope anyone willing to co-habitate after only a few hours of meeting a complete stranger would take a few hours to investigate said stranger. While she won’t believe anything written by sources on the right side of the political spectrum, she could trust those on the left and far left……..right?!

    DailyKos,,, XM Satillite Radio Forums, the Examiner. I’m sure there are others.

      • Feel free to disagree, but I think the new person in Bill’s life shouldn’t be mentioned. He made G. part of the story. As far as I know he hasn’t mentioned this person and she hasn’t said anything about us “evil right wingers.” Unlike G. she hasn’t yet been inserted into the situation/topic by Bill.

        Maybe this person can be a positive influence on him? Cut his internet cord perhaps? Pol Pot lived his final years in the jungle quiet, maybe Bill can too.

        • She’s already gone after Krendler on Twitter. I think she wants in. I’m not sure she really understands WHO she is siding with. I’m hoping CNv2 will be the first NON pedo he is associating with in years.

          Kimberlin – Adjudicated Pedo

          Osborne – Publicly admits to having vast experience with child porn in order to determine that the child porn that got Kimberlin associate sent to federal prison “wasn’t so bad”.

          Ferguson – Publicly stated he wanted to have sex with a 14 year old girl.

          Schmalfeldt – Delights in telling young boys on the internet that he wants to jam his [redacted] against them “…as your swollen anal tissue can attest…”. Also writes, acts in, and distributes audio recordings of cub scouts being anally raped, sometimes with adults involved.
          CNv2 – Unknown at this time. Let’s all pray she doesn’t have the same fascination with small children the rest of Team Pedo do.

          • If she enters the topic she is fair game. I didn’t know she did something on twitter.

          • IF she’s a real person I’d say leave her out of it, dating Shakey is punishment enough…
            I say IF of course because when a lying liar who lies says he’s seeing someone and payment isn’t involved at some level, the doubt factor is thru the roof.

  2. When I was young and newly licensed, I once was driving late at night and very tired. I got too close to the curb, rubbed against it, and blew out one of the tires. New tires, not like BS’s which were bald. The damage looked like the damage that BS posted. I bought ONE new tire. I didn’t have to replace all of them. BS’s tires were in terrible condition, and he had to buy FOUR new tires, when only two were flat. Nobody slashed his tires, but any story that earns him victim brownie points is one he will run with. Without a walker.

  3. Don’t click on internal links, but this is typical BS bs. He posted this LATE yesterday, well after Reuters released photos and others released video of this woman to show that she was not an innocent party, but was actually a rioter who had been throwing wine bottles at people, had a backpack full of them, and had one in her hand when she approached this guy. Fact checking and research are not his strong points, but after littering the internet with violent imagery and obscene comments directed at women, he has to virtue signal when there’s fresh prey.

    • She wasn’t content with plain wine bottles, I read she was stuffing m-60 fireworks in them, creating a makeshift bomb or IED. That’s why the Marine punched her, to stop her attacks.

    • You have to remember, to a committed leftist like Schmalfeldt* anyone woman to the right of him is fair game for any misogynist garbage he can throw. Any woman to his left is pure as the driven snow and may not be criticized in any way.

      * I doubt Bill’s politics. He found a tribe that at least some members of will speak to him and let him spew his bile on their intranet sites. I don’t doubt that if every lefty treated him like Daily Kos did he would be looking for someone on the right to talk to and espousing far right talking points.

      • I don’t doubt his politics at all. He’s a lazy piece of shit who wants to live at the expense of his betters, after all. He is the epitome of the leftist. More so, he seeks always to silence those who disagree, rather than to win a debate. He lies constantly, obviously, and to no benefit to himself or anyone else. He’s morally bankrupt himself, while attacking the morals of anyone who fails to toe his party line. He couldn’t be a more perfect leftist.

    • A girl that posted she wanted to get 100 Nazi scalps and was using a wine bottle as a weapon? Yeah, she deserved everything she got. The guy pulled the punch anyway. Either that or he hits like a girl. Which makes it totally fair.

      Come to the party expecting to bust some heads? Don’t cry when yours is the one that gets busted instead. EQUALITY!

      • @Ashterah
        Where I live she would have been shot. We have a very reasonable self-defense law.

  4. Oh, and he’s back to accusing “Krendler” of being Grady this week. Or is Krendler supposed to be Hige today? I forget. But let’s address the tweet.

    First, “muscle weakness” isn’t why he gave up his license, so claiming that exercise lets him drive again is a lie. Second, what he’s admitting here is that, with a modicum of exercise, he could have kept his NIH job and given his dying wife the help she needed. Instead, he sat at the computer. What a catch he is. I wonder if he got that $9,000 increase in his benefits in January?

    Finally, in the course of a week, while he was rehearsing his story for the court, he went from being able to drive again and losing weight because of diet and exercise, to claiming that the weight loss was mysterious and a possible sign of cancer. When he found out he just had indigestion, he blamed this “new” symptom on his “PD,” when in fact he was blogging about the same crap, with photos, 6-7 years ago.

    • “Bankrupt Divorcee”
      Kind of ironic. Considering that Bill is a twice divorced, twice legally sworn pauper. Who is worse off there? Someone with only one of each under their belt or two?

      • If I’m not mistaken, he’s told three different courts that he’s a pauper. Of course, he was lying, as evidenced by his having to flee halfway across the country when David Edgren pointed that out, abandoning his dogs and the reclusive TJ to their fate. I believe that was Lulzsuit V.

        Good times.

        • Oh that’s right! There was a third. Such a horrible thing. You know what they say about rocks and glass houses. Lol

          • And the best part? The negotiations that showed the true depth and width of his fear in negotiating with Mr. Edgren were leaked by … DUMBFUCK himself.

            That’s why Bill Schmalfeldt is my favorite cartoon character of all.

        • And not to mention that he was railing against Grady while talking to Krendler. He’s not all there is the head, is he?

      • Divorcee? How about “Wife and child abandoner”? Bankrupt? How about blowing through a spouse’s death insurance payout in under a year?

        And they had a story on the news this week how a small group of Parkinson’s patients have greatly benefited from an exercise routine at a local boxing gym. But it required carefully supervised, properly directed exercise. There is no way Schmalfledt could have done the same on his own. He is a liar.

      • I wonder if he’s decided to go after Grady as Krendler again because he’s not sure his new lady love would be fully behind going after some random woman (who had to get a restraining order against him for both her and her parents) and screeching on about “spoiled weenie juice” because a friend of hers died of AIDS.

        He hasn’t mentioned anyone’s disabilities lately either, and especially not their kids. Perhaps she wouldn’t be real thrilled with a guy who likes to make fun of other people’s children if he thinks they have any mental, psycho-social or physical disabilities.

        And as someone who loves to brag about his medical knowledge, he should know that while exercise is (usually) good for muscles, it’s not going to do much for progressive neurological conditions. Parkinsons doesnt go into remission. So, either he needs to go back to his MD docs or Vanderbilt so they can study him, maybe write him up for JAMA or the NEJM, or whatever he had, it wasn’t Parkinsons.

    • He will continue to equate me with Grady until he is given a compelling reason not to. Grady never comes around any longer, so I have high confidence that he doesn’t see, much less pay any attention to it.

      But since I am the only one who knows the truth, and I’m having too much fun (and you know all I have is FUN!) watching him wallow in his own mire and stick his finger back into the fire, I have no compelling reason to give him a reason to stop.

      The PLM crop must be harvested.

  5. Why was BS stalking Grady, the many with a restraining order against him? Here he is, in Palatine, where he drove himself, just after swearing to the court that he could not travel or be away from his life alert. I think it was very generous of him to post so many photos and make so many admissions, don’t you?

  6. He literally lies about everything:

    “Clinton Iconoclast‏
    Replying to @PaulZKrendler
    .@PaulZKrendler @wjjhoge See? There’s your problem. There was no choice for having grown children. I am stocky, and I didn’t smoke then.
    7:53 AM – 18 Apr 2017”

    Yes, he was smoking “then,” and has for years, including pot with his stepson. His twitter account, the archived link is in my previous comment, was from last fall, at the time he was posting a lie-filled profiles on a dating site. That twitter account revolves around one of the cigar brands that he smokes, and was smoking then. And here is Mendacious William’s April 2016 twitter, with a photo of Bill – – – smoking a cigar.

    • And he was actually calling himself “Stogie Carmichael” at the time, if I’m not mistaken.

      What a lulcow. What a marvelous, marvelous lulcow.

      • It’s like 4chan took all their lolcows and squished them into one huge disgusting ball and named it Schmalfeldt. All of the bad traits, none of the good. And so much FUN! And all we have is FUN!

          • No, Bill is more entertaining than CWC. He’s not quite to the level of Vordrak, although you can see the similarities for certain.

    • Good grief. That “Stogie Carbuncle” archived link is full of all kinds of BS nonsense, AReader.

      I had completely forgotten about the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt photoshopping and tweeting his joy over his wife’s passing:

      (right above an image of his recently-departed wife)

      Cue “beloved” #4 (aka CN v.2). What a pig.

      • Speaking of pigs… wasn’t it the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt who repeatedly squealed like a stuck pig (even in court filings, if memory serves) when images of someone holding a gun to their head were posted with the friendly and helpful “Take the cure” advice?

        Squealing pig hypocrite… thy name is Bill Schmalfeldt.

        • Now, THIS… THIS is rich coming from the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt. *smfh*

          I can’t even.

          Filthy, hypocritical, evil pig. #BillSchmalfeldt

  7. This show cause hearing is going the most incredible thing ever.

    “Your honor, exercise made my Parkinson’s all better. You look like you could do with a few push-ups yourself. Can I go now?”

    “No. No, you may not.”


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