As I Expected …

As I expected, the Circuit Court denied my request for a default judgment against Breitbart Unmasked in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit. As I also expected, the Cabin Boy™ appears to misunderstand the significance of that denial.One of the reasons The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has lost every one of his LOLsuits is that he has never proceeded with his cases in an orderly manner, making sure that all of the necessary Is were dotted and Ts were crossed. Now that this formality is dispensed with, I can move on to … well, I’ll let the Cabin Boy™ watch his mailbox for the next court paper that might concern him.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

34 thoughts on “As I Expected …

  1. I guess Bill has never had a tails I win, heads I win moment. I noticed something in you last filing that I bet he still has not figured out what it means to him personally.

    • I think Bill had a “tails I win” moment. My opinion, Bill is a flaming homosexual and only lives with women because he is from a generation when homosexuality wasn’t accepted.

      Bill, come out of your closet and flame away.

  2. Another reason The Dreadful Pro-Se Schmalfeldt has lost every one of his LOLsuits is that he’s a drunken idiot and possible lunatic.

  3. Heh.

    I have an idea of what’s coming, but efforts to educate the monkey are discouraged, so I’ll just be keeping it to myself…for now.

  4. Bill – Ah Ha! He left his pawn open, I’ll use my Queen to take it. Whoo Hoo! I took his pawn, I’m winning, I’m winning!!!11!!!!
    Watson (12 moves later) – Checkmate!
    Bill – Whaaaaaaat? I never saw that coming!

    Never change Bill you stupid moron.

  5. Um, I saw what you did there….

    “I’ll let the Cabin Boy™ watch his mailbox”

    Um… what mailbox? Which mailbox?


    It seems somebody used to play games with Service. Somebody else is making the game easy and legal.

    I don’t feel bad saying that. His acceptance of Lickspittle Advice is stubbornly zero.

    • So where is Bill allegedly headed to now? Someone said Reno at one point…

      Hmm.. 1100 miles from Clinton (his current address with the court) to Westminster. 1800 miles from Clinton to Reno.

      Only 775 miles from Milwaukee, WI to Westminster MD.

      So let’s see if I have this straight:

      Bill SWORE to a couple courts in a couple hearings, now settled, that he COULD NOT DRIVE.

      IIRC, Bill SWORE to the MD court that he COULD NOT DRIVE and any effort to shift his worthless hulk out of Wisconsin would kill him because his Life Alert pendant would not function.

      Since then, Bill BOUGHT A CAR, then he DROVE TO PALATINE IL to stalk a guy who has a restraining order against him, and drove back home. Then he hiked his skirts, and moved by DRIVING 185 MILES to Clinton, IA. Without informing the court, in a case he had been served in and acknowledged that fact by filing (REALLY REALLY STUPID) motions.

      So now he’s been living alone, no caregivers, no Life Alert bracelet, no ninjanuns, photographing himself in front of his house with no cane, no walker, no scooty puff, just a flight of stairs, just saying…

      Now he up and travels 1800 miles away from the court? I bet he’ll claim it’s now too far to travel. Like the guy that murders his parents and asks for clemency because he’s an orphan.

      Or the guy who’s born Bill Schmalfeldt, raised Bill Schmalfeldt, and lives his life as Bill Schmalfeldt, and claims sympathy because… OK, it’s not a perfect metaphor.

      I’m really curious as to where Bill really is. I am willing to say, in all honesty, that not even Bill Schmalfeldt would be stupid enough to not inform the Court and the US Post Office of his new address under his current circumstances.

  6. I think someone is about to be educated… Space Engineer vs. Failed loser at about everything he’s ever tried. Damn……

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