Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

This was filed on Monday morning.

I don’t intend to make any substantive public comment on this motion outside of related court papers until after the court has ruled on it.

31 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. No fair writing competent filings! I’m not used to reading stuff that makes sense after all the things Biwwy and Bretty have filed!!!

  2. I wonder how much more TK can endure of her husbands bullshit lawfare before she begins to crack? How tempted is she to come clean and finally tell the truth about her husband and his criminal actions? Actions that began when she was just a preteen in an Eastern Bloc country and continue to this very day. The TRUTH can set you free Tetyana.

  3. Who’s Count Xi and when did he become a defendant in this case?

    Sorry, that’s just how I read it until I’d had moar caffeine.

  4. Once again, clear and to the point. And once again….MD. I’m praying that the judge will forget they are in MD and rule fairly in this case.

  5. “Stalkers” = people he has harassed or sued, who have had to get restraining orders against him, or who simply read and comment on his public social media posts.

    • Hoge = ZERO restraining orders
      Bill Schmalfeldt = 9 or more, including one to protect a 3-yr old child from him
      Exactly who is the adjudicated harasser?

        • Clinton Iconoclast‏ @Iconoclast52732
          It’s all part of the constant pre-trial harassment by @wjjhoge and his toadies that I will discuss with the judge on May 5. So, SMILE!

          Driving 2000 miles in a weekend for a date yet swearing under oath the death awaits u stuff

          Does she know your clinically stupid? Stage 14

          • A suspicious mind might think that the whole gofundme con was just a way to get a paid trip to go on a date. Funny how the man who cannot drive but does anyway, did not need to rent a car for his latest road trip, but he “needed” to rent one for his fundraiser.

          • BWAHAHAHAHAHA! The #VeroBeachCrybully claimed he was going to ask the judge for an injunction because I’m posting about him (re-postng his screed about how happy he is that Syrian children were gassed and how he approves of Christian genocide).
            It seem these two pieces of scum have no clue about protected speech…oh wait they think their speech is protected even when they defame…

          • I’ve heard the Life Alert people cut him off. Something about their duty to humanity.

    • “Stalkers” AKA people who push back agaist online monsters to harass defame and engage in frivolous lawfare.

  6. Clinton Iconoclast‏ @Iconoclast52732
    Stop sending me text messages, stop sending Tweets, stop looking at my FB account, stop BREATHING! Establishing a @paulzkrendler-free zone

    I guess the header ” I’m bringing enough for everyone” referred to mayo?

  7. Schmalfeldt dating kit

    1. police report
    2. gofundscum page
    3. laptop for live tweeting
    4. prepare to search 750 plus miles
    5. light and fluffy depends for the active faker
    6. Xanax
    7. Printable college degree
    8. Midnight boogie 24 inch 8 karat sexy accessories
    9. Wrap around sun glasses for the perpetually indoors
    10. duct tape

      • You know he doesn’t have to dispose of the body, Roy. He lets a local med school practice their hack and slash on it, and then burns the rest like so much trash in a burn barrel. He then stuffs the ashes in an ugly container and forgets about it. Hey, when was the last time we saw the clock urn, anyways?

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