21 thoughts on “Are You Pondering What I’m Pondering?

  1. CAN they even go bad? Stale, maybe. I was under the impression that peeps are so artificial that they’re nigh-imperishable, like twinkies or instant ramen.

    • Definitely stale. Many years ago I moved into an office, in which a co-worker had years previously stowed a peep in their air vent. The air vent was disturbed, peep fell to the ground, and *shattered*.

      • I was at a friend’s birthday party when at some point it was decided to microwave a Twinkie…on HIGH for 5 or so minutes. In the microwave, it didn’t look like much happened. When it was taken out, though…

        The “cake” looked more-or-less normal, except for a couple scorch marks. However, it had become very hard. The filling had turned to some kind of cement-like substance that apparently permanently fused this solid thing to the plate it was cooked on. The whole thing, has to be thrown away plate and all.

  2. This reminds me of a question regarding the execution circus in Oklahoma. Supposedly they are trying to get a bunch of executions done before their lethal injection drugs expire at the end of the month. The question always pops up in my head “what? if they expire are they going to make someone sick? seems like win/win to me.”.

    • There is an overall legitimate concern that the potency of the drug could be degraded, leading to excessive pain and/or not killing the person. Both of these could be considered cruel or inhumane. I have no idea if either situation is applicable with this drug.

      FWIW, I’m generally against the death penalty, given the finality and the number of exonerated people who have been on death row. I could see it for the guy who shot up that church over race; he admitted it, and there are eyewitnesses whose testimony is not in doubt. I also think that the motivation for executions has more than a hint of vengeance involved, and that task belongs to someone at a higher pay grade than any of us. War and home/family defense is a completely different situation, and any attempt to compare them with execution is disingenuous at best. (Not insinuating anything. Just not wanting anyone to open that can of worms.)

      • While I am not opposed to the death penalty; I find that in most cases multiple consecutive life sentences without the possibility of parole is much more pragmatic.

        Then again, I take a very aggressive view of the thirteenth amendment, inasmuch as it codifies involuntary servitude as punishment for crimes. Chain gangs baby!

      • The irony is that in Europe, many use a similar cocktail for euthanasia. Most liberals support “assisted suicide” as compassionate, but the death penalty is barbaric even though it’s essentially the same thing.

    • Morphine is cheap and readily available, just give the SOB a lethal overdose then he dies happy.

  3. My mother and sister purposefully make their peeps stale before eating them. My nephew only drinks warm pop, and will drink it after it goes flat without problem. But my daughter is just your typical power-lifting female mathematician, so at least she’s normal.

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