Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

I found this in my mailbox when I got home Friday evening. Apparently, The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin wants to play dueling transcripts.

I don’t intend to have any substantive public comment on this motion outside of filing an opposition to it until after the court has ruled on it.

48 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Nope. Couldn’t just respond to the request. Couldn’t just say “Do not admit,” and leave it as an issue to be contended at trial.

    Because of course not.

    Vexatious litigants gotta vex.

    Not “vexate,” as a DUMBFUCK would say.

    Just “vex.”

  2. Okay, someone remind me again just who’s been caught forging documents before? Although he signed off on the certificate of service, I don’t see any paragraph or signature of the truthfulness of this BS. Lesson of the day, if you got nothing just make it up as you go along.

    • Bill could of done it better, just ask him.
      I wonder if there’s any empty rooms at the federally subsidized hotel at 14601 Burbridge Rd SE, Cumberland. It’s springtime so they will be able to smell the Potomac river from their room.

  3. Exhibit b is the let us say one that has been worked on. Stand back a few feet and it will stand out.

    • He’s not even claiming a different transcript…he’s claiming our host altered it. beyond unhinged. I don’t know anything about transcription services, but I have to assume that they have some way of validating which is accurate from their own records. Surely, otherwise they wouldn’t be useful to courts.

      So yeah…

  4. And is filing a motion with fabricated evidence perjury? Could be one or more of three parties who could be guilty of that.

    Someone has done a very, very stupid thing. Hopefully the DA will get a copy of the transcript sent straight from either the deposition service or any court it was officially filed with.

  5. The entire first half of the motion seems an admission against interest. If one were faced with a transcript that documented an admission against interest one might argue that the transcriptionist failed to accurately transcribe the actual text due to Mrs. Kimberlin’s accent.

    But, what is doubly against interest is the admission that it is plausible to suggest that Mrs. Kimberlin possibily couldn’t understand the English text she was just asked to affirm as true while on trial for signing a complaint written in English accusing John Hoge of a sundry of crimes.

    • In the first paragraph… if you are arguing that the transcriptionist got it wrong. But, the claim is that the transcriptionist did get it right.

  6. TL/DR – Hey my wife is so stupid that after living here for 30 plus years she is ignorant of the English language. I do keep her locked in the basement after all.

  7. English as a 3rd language? Wouldn’t it still be English as a 2nd language, even if you knew 42 languages and English was the 42nd you learned? Because it only means English isn’t your first language, and doesn’t particularly denote the order of languages you’ve learned.

  8. Isn’t practicing law without a license a crime in Maryland? It would seem to me that doing all the legal work for your estranged wife would count. How many documents have gone out, supposedly authored by TK and bearing her signature? How did she write them if she doesn’t speak English well?
    I think a hearing is in order to get TK to explain, orally, what all of her motions actually mean. And if she can’t (she won’t, because, other than perhaps signing them, she has never seen them before,) the judge should inquire as to who wrote them. No matter how you feel about TK’s responsibility for Brett’s crimes, she still has a right to competent legal counsel if she is unwilling or unable to represent herself. It’s patently obvious that she has little or no interest in these lawsuits, and that Brett is her illegal lawyer. It’s stunning that the court allows this miscarriage of justice to continue.

    • The courts don’t seem to care about BK practicing law without a licence because they know that no real lawyers will touch any of his suits. Therefore no lawyers are being deprived of billable hours and since only a fool would let this idiot represent them, what’s the problem?

    • They have automated readers that will estimate the grade-level of the writers. I bet dollars to donuts that the writing level of her complaints against John Hoge and Aaron Walker show a higher level of writing skills than transcripts of conversational English.

      We have a sample of her actual writing ability when she filed for a protective order against her estranged husband. It clearly showed English was her eleventyith language. Clearly, someone else is writing her motions that show some fluency, but, not lucidity, in English, . Given that fact, why wouldn’t anyone presume that she is having others read the filings on her behalf?

  9. I only suggest that the phrase “grotesque perversion” is a poor turn of phrase. It serves only to remind us of who might be a lifetime expert on the subject at hand.

    Just like “…are there any ticking time-bombs…” and “…this whole strategy will blow up in your face…” Not to mention that often used idiom “…to him, sex is just child’splay.”

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  11. I always thought it was an error to return the money raised by “T____’s Fund.” I thought it ought to have been allow to go dormant, and, additional funds ought to have been raised under a generic label such as “relief fund for victims of sexual trafficking.”

    Now, I suggest, would be no better time to make a draw against those funds. A lawyer acting on behalf could research the accuracy of the two alleged transcripts and, perhaps, file an amend of the motion on her complaint if appropriate.

  12. Can’t wait to see Team Pedo argue to the judge “who are you going to believe, what I tell you is in the certified court copy or the actual certified court copy??

    • Rain:

      Something isn’t right here. It’s too blatant, too obvious, too easy. Even the littlest pedophile has to know how a blatant forgery will look. He’s got something else going on.

      If this is just out and out the forgery everyone suspects, Brett is dumber than a box of Schmalfeldts.

  13. It took me several passes to fully grasp what is happening here, and it still ain’t exactly clear. Let me spell out my line of inquiry.

    1) Just what is the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber asserting here?

    2) OK, dueling transcripts with a very subtle but very significant difference.

    3) Whose copy says what?

    4) Which copy looks like it might have been altered, at least to my very amateurish eye?

    5) Wouldn’t it be easy to simply call in Ms. Berryhill, ask her to bring her own records, and see which was the accurate one?

    6) Who provided which copy to the court?

    Oh, crap… this does NOT look good for Our Gracious Host.

    7) (light dawns — other details redacted)

    8) One of the parties in this case not only has a criminal record for forgery, but is on record in at least one current case (possibly this very one, but I lose track) as admitting to submitting forged documents to the court already.

    9) If this comes down to a matter of “what Our Gracious Host says vs. What the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber says,” one of them is a convicted perjurer, and the other is not.

    EVERY SINGLE TIME I think that the Sawed-Off Pedo Bomber has finally made the One Big Mistake Too Many and will finally get slapped down, Maryland happens. But this time… if I have grasped what happened here, the judge HAS to take this seriously.

  14. In my state, signing a pleading on behalf of another requires a law license, and failing to have one can get you in hot water…. its actually illegal where I live.

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