62 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. And we are once again seeing the nut job flailing around in random accusations. Someone is really living in his head rent free.

  2. I memory serve me correctly it was just last week that Bill was ranting and raving about muddy footprints and fingerprints everyday.

  3. But I thought Bill proved Krendler vandalized his tires. There is a case number, a police officers business card and most importantly……….Bill Schmalfeldt’s sworn testimony. This was such a lock of a case of vandalism, I’m surprised all the players are not in jail.

  4. Parodies lose their thrill when reality is more FUBAR. Biwwy really needs a mental health evaluation.

  5. Wasn’t it just a week or so ago that Bill was POSITIVE that this Owain character was someone else? Didn’t he tweet I KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!eleventy!!. Didn’t he go running to the two batshit crazy pedo lovers* for confirmation? Why yes, yes he did. Now he’s convinced it’s someone else. Seriously, if you pitched a character this stupid to TV execs they would laugh you out of the room saying, “Nobody would believe someone this stupid could even exist”. But there he is is. William “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt.

    * Anyone else notice a trend that the people that Bill surrounds himself with seem to all be pedos or those that defend pedos? Makes you wonder doesn’t it?

  6. I don’t know who Penllyn Conspiracy is, but the writing is similar to the same person who is posting about Mix and NicoleBonnet1 on 8 ch. Whoever it is he’s pretty good at getting the idiot trolls all worked up.

  7. Evidently Cabin Boy thinks one of these days he is going to accuse someone of being Krendler or Pennilyn and we are all going to suddenly post “Wow, he figured that out … game over”.

    • That pre-supposes that anyone here know their true identities. I have no idea, and I don’t want to know either. At least not while BS is still breathing.

      • I’m a bad liar (but a pretty good actress), so yeah, I don’t want to know.

        I got three fellow students kicked out of the dorms and on warning, and I seem to recall one of them actually suspended, at UConn when they tried to threaten me over something I’d said in response to a request they’d put out. I was able to pretend I didn’t know where the other person involved was (in my dorm room, out of sight) because I’d been expecting them to show and be bitches (so I had a script), I wasn’t going to let them harass the other girl any more, and what they were doing was a) against dorm rules and b) really, really stupid. Without the initial prevarication the rest of it wouldn’t have stood up well, even though it was all the truth. It also provoked the harassers into grossly overplaying their hands.

        But hey, if you have even half a brain you don’t tell the floor RA that your boyfriend lives with you in the girls only dorm. And you don’t have said boyfriend order other dorm residents to change dorms because they complain about your perfume aggravating their asthma when it can be smelled two floors away when you open the stairwell door.

    • As I have stated before, and Krendler has confirmed, I, Roy Schmalfeldt, know who Krendler is in real life.

      And, I use my real identity, so if Cousin Bill could just find me, then he’d have a lead on Krendler.

      But, he seems incapable of finding me, so…

      He’s SOL. Again.

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