24 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    • “HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!1!!111!! scares the fear pee right out of me! How could I answer a summons, just because I legally have to?” — Biwwy (provably). πŸ˜€

  1. He did not answer because to do so would reveal personal information, and he never releases personal data for fear of vandalism. Oh, except pictures and video of his residences, vin and license plate information, workplace, medical test results, x-rays, loved one’s physical condition, urinary accidents, photographs of worn-out tires, multiple reasons for head contusions… And so on.

  2. BS has “rebranded’ pushing into the over- 200 twitter handles territory. He has posted a new avatar sporting his latest costume, against the backdrop of the front gates of an insane asylum. Question: if you were living in terror of a stalker, would you use your xip code as part of your Twitter handle?

    • wow, he sure is funny when he’s trying to be all Bad Ass Billy ain’t he?

      we all know he’s going to default, but look at him acting like he’s actually going to show up! LMAO

    • Hey billy, you know why we don’t talk about all those other drinks? Because they’re for people with taste.

      Yes, even Jack Daniels.

        • Totally true. I bet his pathetic “liquor cabinet” is just a half empty bottle of JWR sitting forlornly on his countertop, soon to be emptied and replaced, by swerving his way to the liquor store, drunkenly bouncing his sidewalls off the curbs all the way.

    • Bill could open a drive-in movie theater with his level of projection calling someone a “fat ass coward”. 1) He is over 300 lbs, and 2) he will NEVER show up in court against John Hoge again, because he knows he will be humiliated in front of a judge (an ultimate authority figure).

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  4. So, that’s how many dead-certain [but absolutely incorrect] identifications of whoever “Owen Penilyn” might be, in the past week?

    Oh, Fatsack Fakinson’s, you are such a dumb, damned, dope.

    Also, iconoclast? A “person who criticizes or opposes beliefs and practices that are widely accepted.” You? The hell you are. You are among the most utterly pedestrian, consistently ordinary, and vacantly unoriginal thinkers ever to exist. Your alleged politics are entirely regurgitated, completely undigested, much less originated in any fashion from that flabby blob of gristle and lipids where your brain would be, if you weren’t such a creeptastic mutant.

  5. “Clinton Iconoclast‏ @Iconoclast52732
    Simple people need simple memes. The only liquor in my world is JWR? What about Dewars? Dewars 12 year old? Maker’s Mark, Jim Beam? @wjjhoge”

    “Glenlivet? Hennessey VSOP? Beer? Chivas? GET CREATIVE, fuckwits! The Dalmore? Jack Daniels? Gentleman Jack? CHRIST, @wjjhoge. WAKE UP!”

    Umm, thought your meds prohibited you from drinking, Cuz?

    Or was that just another prevarication?

    • But he is cured of the Parkinson’s now, so doesn’t need the meds and can drink to his 2 sizes too small heart’s desire. It’s almost like he never really had Parkinson’s at all.

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