Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The Cabin Boy’s™ proposed frivolous motion in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit got the week off to an interesting start (we’ll see if he’s stupid enough to file it), but you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

Stay tuned.

31 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. There is no way in Hell that he is stupid enough to file that thing for reals. Not even Bill Schmalfeldt is that stupid.

    • That one is easy.

      The base equation is DumF5ck!

      D is the dumbass quotient, goes from 0-1, Bill is a solid 9.999

      u is the uncertainty of his statements. Not you, the reader’s uncertainty, but his uncertainty. On a zero to one scale, Bill’s about a 0.3, largely from self delusion…

      m is how much attention he pays to minutiae, say, common courtesy or US Code fo Justice. On a scale of -1 to 1, Bill is a -9.8. He’s opposed to Stolen Valor, just he’s also opposed to being shown to take part in it.

      So far, on a -1 to 1 scale, Bill is at a solid -3. Yes that’s off scale, but that’s our Bill. Being the Lying of Lebanon has its priveleges.

      F5 is a rate meter, it pegs out at 10, Bill measures a 16 but rules demand he is reduced to 10. Damned calibration curves!!! So -30. The bitch is, the scale is logarithmic. A lot of work went into that rating. Anybody got the gif?

      c = the speed of light. The one thing Bill’s BS can not escape. We’re using Electrostatic untis, so c is a dimensionless quantity equal to 1. Sorry, Bill, you thought this would help, didn’t you? Too bad your id10ciocy was beyond dimensions…

      k = kuckold factor. Sorry, it’s a German term, gotta use the K not C. How many times has your wife cheated on you. That simple.

      ! Factorial. Only applies to k. If k=0, everything is zero. Otherwise, it scales up quite quickly.

      And the answer is… Dammit, didn’t wrap the old TI in tinfoil before starting the calcs, it’s on the Fritz. Or it may just be picking up stray data from the calculations, and it’s on der Fritz.

      Anyway, nonzero, nontrivial. Low. Very low. Possibly not negative.

      Probably* not negative

      * for a certain class of typos.

  2. OH i’m sure he’ll file something.
    The question is how different will what is filed with the court be from what was sent to Mr. Hoge thru email?
    (especially after all the PLM it incurred today)

  3. I can see Mr. Fakinsons thinking now…

    “If I post this ahead of time I can use their comments to edit it before submitting it”

    Too bad no amount of editing will save that turd.

  4. Sir Shit Stain’s problem is not his Intelligence Quotient, it is his mental stability.

    He probably has an Slightly Lower Than to Average IQ, but he is fruitier than a center piece at a California Hippie Wedding.

    His motivational factors are jealousy, undue arrogance, and guilt. And he lets these emotions drive him to do what we normal people think as “Stupid” actions. Because his actions are based on non-reality and irrational thought, we think of them as “Stupid”, they are not. They are the actions or a wounded derange Manatee that is lashing out because of his self-induced pain.

    It’s that, or a parasite from all the shit he has sniffed has entered his brain and is eating it away, and causing his irrational behavior.

  5. Those tire pictures are evidence.

    Evidence that he’s not safe on the road.

    You don’t see sidewall and rim damage like that, unless the driver is hitting the curb regularly, and for long distances.

    He’s driving by feel, and is a hazard to himself and others.

    Astoundingly, he wasn’t lying about no longer being able to drive safely. This may be a first.

    Do everyone a favor, and stop driving, Cousin.

    Before you kill someone.

    • Bill Schmalfeldt just might have no meaningful reaction time. If that is the case, events such as scrapping the curb could trigger reflexive responses.that cause him to jerk instinctually towards the center of the lane. That is very bad for roads with curbs and center rumble strips, and worse yet for unmarked roads without curbing. He might very well be a menace to society.

      • My first reaction to your last sentence is “No, duh!”. We know he’s an online menace, so it’s hardly surprising that he might turn out to be one IRL too.

        And really, way too many of the drivers out there are menaces on the road. I have so many people trying to change lanes into my car, they are further back than I am, and always seem surprised to discover a ton of metal and plastic where they are trying to move their own vehicle; they obliviously assume that the laws of physics don’t apply them. If you add in to that Biwwy’s entitlement issues as well as his implied mental impairments, and yes, the guy probably shouldn’t be out driving. Sadly, there is no one there to hide his keys.

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