Meanwhile, in Westminster …

… I filed this with the Circuit Court this morning.

As usual, I don’t intend to make any further substantive public comment about this except in a possible subsequent court filing until after the court has ruled on my motion.

47 thoughts on “Meanwhile, in Westminster …

  1. I’m sure the Pedo King will be filing an opposition as soon as possible even though he is not a real lawyer. And it hasn’t prevented him in the past from unauthorized practice of law.

  2. Ahhhhh Hahahahahaha…! There’s just not enough popcorn for all this! The next few steps are going to be hilarious! Hahahahaha…. Al Capp could write a cartoon about this.

  3. Say, if the judge grants default can you ask for the website be turned over to you? I would love to see BU made into a website that shines a bright light on Team Pedo.

  4. Fatman Podcast‏ @FatmanPodcast 1h1 hour ago
    Old @wjjhoge is absoutely correct. “You AIN’T seen nuthin’ yet.” Stay tuned, Hoggy.

    Watch out Mr. Hoge! Big Bad Biwwy is coming for ya!

    Oh please, oh please, oh please file something else as stupid as your last motion with the courts!

  5. Is “BadAss Bill” followed by “OMG I am dying Bill” or “Woe is Me Bill?”

    I lost the playBill.

      • “I want it all” is a sub-stage of “Bad ass”; which are usually followed by “You’re killing me / I’m dying” then silence then “Rebranding” followed by “Butt-hurt” then back to “Bad ass”.

        Durations may vary up to some lasting weeks (okay silence never lasts weeks) and others moments, but they generally follow this pattern.

      • His tires will become proof of his pauper status.

        “I submit into evidence, even Hoge recognizes I’m so dumb and poor my tires rotted off my rust bucket Ford.”

      • No. Read the court filing.

        A man who other than the 30ish people (plus various minors) he’s stalked and persecuted and gotten peace orders from over the last couple of years has no enemies whatsoever has no one wishing him harm, has worked out that the a guy who he decided is the author of a blog that uses his own methods to mock him mercilessly traveled a thousand miles to stick a screwdriver in two already flat tyres (that act necessitating 4 tire replacements and an oil change) and did nothing else other than note that there was a pub around the corner that can only be found by approaching it in one direction and isn’t on the internet or anything. Some random person he was texting admitted that he knows the existence of the pub so that proves that he is the guy. And this very blog is the one who gave the order to do the damage through code-words like “the” and “and” that appear suspiciously in the posts here. Those orders are acknowledged by phrases like “haha he’s so stupid” and “I really hope he files this” and “fear pee”.

        Bill is remarkable to have worked all that out. You should be ashamed for mocking a man who has only 9 peace orders at the time of writing and is clearly in breach of a legal settlement agreement and is probably a fraudster who faked a progressive disease for years and has various really unhealthy obsessions about homosexuality, urination and boy scouts which he over-shares on a constantly-changing array of websites and twitter handles.

        (Totally not shooting for a seal of approval here, just saying 🙂 )

      • His own tires wanted nothing to do with him.

        That ads one more to the list that don’t want anything to do with him. Family, children,friends(hahah), Karoli, Step-son; The rest of Team Kimberlin,various radio stations including K-Fail; etc etc etc

      • This just in: while crawling home, Bill found where his stalkers had smeared rubber along the curb, apparently part of a plot to gaslight him.

        (NB: The EPA is warning against gas lighting Bill, as there may be an explosion if there’s improper venting.)

    • I would guess that it is not there now, if it ever was. It would surprise me if it is even a legitimate business entity. You would be more likely to find the address corresponds to a UPS store, abandoned house, or something with PO Boxes.

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