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Yesterday, I wrote about a legal document in which the Cabin Boy™ swore that he was the author of the “anonymous” book Confessions of an Undercover Internet Troll, a book which makes the claim that it is written by the anonymous blogger Paul Krendler. If the Gentle Reader would care to come to Westminster, he can pick up copies of a couple of documents from the Clerk of the Circuit Court for 50 cents per page.

This is paragraph 75 from the Compliant in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit, …… and here is Schmalfeldt’s admission to paragraph 75 from his Answer.

Bill Schmalfeldt lies so much, he can’t keep ’em all straight.

Q. E. D.

47 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

      • You know if Cabin Boy objects to being “stalked”, the solution is for him to stop doing it. And oh, maybe _he_ should pay someone some multiple of $465….. A large multiple. ….

      • He’s lying. No one here is stalking him in his crime-ridden slum in Clinton. He’s just playing the hysterical diva again for court, as I’ve said before.

        My neighbor’s mailbox got knocked over the other day. I don’t understand BS’s need to do that. Yeah, that makes as much sense as his latest con.

      • I point out that this hysterical tweet was made in response to this low-key, sober post.

        Note my use of the word “sober.” HIC!

      • Dang what an inflated ego, he must think he is important enough to be “stalked!” My barnacle Thomas A Mix the #VeroBeachCrybully also believes the same damn thing; post about him an horde of people are going harass and stalk him. Geez neither of these unemployed losers are worthy of anyone’s time.

      • Shakes seems to think no one currently reading/commenting here, and other sites like TMZ and BillySez were reading/commenting when he was hawking that e-book.

        You all remember right? first he didnt write it (which is partially true as it consisted of material he stole from TMZ and Hogewash), till he filed for the copyright. THEN he claimed he did write it and did NOT claim it was fiction then, but NOW he says it’s all fiction and he didnt get the copyright anyway and we’re all idiots to believe Mr. Hoge’s “lies” claiming any of the proceeding ever happened….
        cause he’s just such a truthful person don’t ya know 😉

        sorry Stinky, we all remember how you pushed it, lied about authorship, pushed it more, lied about lieing about authorship THEN tried to flush it down the memory hole.

        The Internet Never Forgets.

        As I recall, many people warned you at the time that your claim, in a filed legal document no less, would come back to haunt you.

        Scared yet? You probably should be you sand packed weepy mangina you.

        Your digital testipede prints are deep and long and you really have NO idea just how much of your own idiocy is safely documented and being held for the proper time to unless the hounds of hell on you, and when, not IF but WHEN that happens, IT will be YOUR own FAULT.

        Be well DumbF5ck.

        • I remember him claiming he knew nothing about it but he was stupid enough to put his own picture on the cover. Damn that is one stupid man.

      • That’s weird, because Blob dedicates the vast majority of his writing these days on trying to get people worked up about HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE!!!!!! If this is how you think it works, what is it you’re trying to do there, DUMBFUCK?

  1. Bill “I want to pee on your children” Schmalfeldt certainly seems to have trouble with the truth doesn’t he?

  2. Are the nuns at your former abode still getting your wealthy estate, Bill, that huge $25 gofundme account? You didn’t say so under oath … or in a signature block noting penalty of perjury.

  3. Bill Schmalfedlt doesn’t even try to keep his lies straight. He tells a lie simply to try and cast doubt on any truth that makes him look bad. He will tell two contradictory lies back to back if needed to counter the truth.

  4. About forgetting lies, shouldn’t we have some kind of contest on how long he can accurately remember anything? Last year? Last month? Last week? Yesterday? Earlier this morning? 15 minutes ago? Anyone have a good estimate?

  5. Paul Krendler according to Bill isn’t witty enough anymore. Should’ve went with a chocolate syrup reference instead of chocolate milk. When it comes to butt sex Bill wants what Bill wants.

    After that Japanese tranny “I’m guessing” prevented him from knowing when he poops … butt sex is a serious topic.

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