Prevarication Du Jour

Yesterday was a very long day for me in the Real World, and I went to bed early last night. This morning I found this in my Twitterz—I sincerely doubt that the “CPD” has been in touch with Patrick Grady or that Patrick has admitted to the vandalism that the Cabin Boy™ claims occurred at his new digs in Iowa. I’ve got a C-note that says Schmalfeltdt is spinning up an imaginary crime so that he can have his very own fake news to report at Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread. I doubt that I would lose that bet if someone were foolish enough to take it.

BTW, I wonder when I suggested to Patrick that someone should go to Clinton, Iowa, to harass the Cabin Boy™. I know that I have not spoken to him since he was in Maryland in 2014 for the peace order hearing that Schmalfeldt chickened out on. I last time I sent him an email was in April, 2016. I’m pretty good at foreseeing stuff, but the Cabin Boy’s™ move to Clinton was not on my radar back then.

Of course, that tweet is defamatory, but it will eventually disappear. Most likely, the Cabin Boy™ will take it down when he realizes he’s be caught in another lie, or it will go away when his current Twitter account is suspended. However, it’s unlikely that he has sufficient integrity to take it down and replace it with a retraction and apology.

Lying liars gotta lie.

132 thoughts on “Prevarication Du Jour

  1. I always wondered if he really believes all the bullshit he spews. If he does that makes him a very mentally unbalanced person. If he doesn’t, he just makes him a liar. And we already have sufficient proof of that.

    Hey Bill, prove to us that you are not a complete loon in need of someone filing a 5150 on you. Post the police report. Make one of your famous vids and show us your “boys” down at the station telling us in their own words how Patrick confessed. You are full of shit. But I’d bet you you that sounds more like a compliment right?

  2. You know, my experience has been that most police departments really frown on people using their “authority” in an attempt to harass someone.

    A polite phone call might get Cousin Bill a kindly visit from the CPD, with a friendly warning to “not do that.”

  3. You know it’s archived too, just like the rest of Cabin Boy’s blatherings.

    He can delete it, but it’ll never go away.

    I know most folks here aren’t hard rock/metal types, but my mind just keeps flashing back to the song ‘Nightmare’ by Avenged Sevenfold. 😀

  4. He’s just pulling another “forged letter”-type con. This way, at the May 5 hearing, he can muddy the waters and claim that this is why he didn’t let anyone know that he was moving – except on Twitter, his blogs, facebook, the radio show, etc.

    Recall that before his PO contempt hearing, he mailed a SIGNED letter to WJJH, then claimed an elaborate, multi-state and multi-party plot to forge a letter and frame him. The “fingerprints” would prove it! Yeah. We now know that he was completely able to drive all this time, so any excuse he has ever given for being innocent based on his driving ability is void.

    Before that, his various scams prior to hearings included allegedly: (1) rupturing a tendon when he stood up because of Hoge and PD, leaving him wheelchair bound for life; (2) claiming he was being stalked because someone had left cat poop (how could he tell?) neatly bagged next to his trashcan; and, blaming others for sending him Slovenian horse poop, when he later admitted that he sent it to himself.

    This is not an exhaustive list, but you get the picture. A suspicious mind might think he made the whole thing up, did it himself, or posted a sign stating “FREE POT” in front if his unlocked house and then driving away, because he can drive, you know.

    • Clearly, I need some coffee, too. Either that or I’ve been reading too much of the scribblings of a grifter who hides behind patriotism while cosying up to a felon who took pride in sabotaging military equipment while incarcerated.

  5. So what really happened, someone knocked on his door and he wet down his lazy boy with a gush of fear pee?

  6. This is what I posted over at TMS early thus morning.

    Patrick Grady is gonna be surprised to find out that he drove round trip 6 hours to clinton Ia last weekend. The clinton police will be just as surprised to find that they have interrogated him, and he has made a full confession.

    Fatman Podcast‏ @FatmanPodcast 4h4 hours ago

    Did Patrick Grady REALLY just rat out @wjjhoge for ordering last weekend’s vandalism? Cops have @paulzkrendler’s fingerprints. My, My, MY!!!

    Man can not even write bad fiction.

    • Amazing police work. Let’s see, in three days, they cracked the $400 “crime!” They were able to travel to Chicago and back – first class, I wonder?- outside their jurisdiction, no less, to interview and extract a confession from the perp? Did they waterboard him while he was laughing?

      This is a joke, but predictable for the con artist.

      • If I were any if BS ‘s stalking victims and I got a call from LEOs claiming this tall tale, I would notify them about BS’s admitted dementia in court filings, 9 restraining orders, and past admission that he had sent himself horse poop and filed false law enforcement reports about it.

      • Fatman Podcast‏ @FatmanPodcast

        4. A money order or cashier’s check for $465 will settle our difference and you can go back to eating your boogers,

        1a. Did Bill ever pay the court ordered cost he owes to Patrick Grady?
        If not then:
        1b. Did bill get a phone call or a letter from a collection agency or the Cook County Court about this matter?

  7. To prevaricate usually is to avoid the truth. CBBS would need to form some sort of relationship with truth to dance around it, it seems to me.

    Oh, no one needed that mental image. Sorry!

    Phone, train.

  8. Aren’t police reports public records? Maybe CPD needs a FOIA request, or if Bill is man enough he can post a copy of his complaint.

    • if Bill is man enough

      You owe me a new keyboard. Bill hasn’t been a man EVER in his entire life. A grifter? Yes. Stolen Valor? Yes. A military goldbrick? Certainly. A stalker, harasser and creep? Yes again. A man? Never.

    • Dean Wormer suggested to young men that, “Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life!” Bill Schmalfeldt has already lived most of his life. Sure, Bill Schmalfeldt could change his ways, but, at this late stage it would merely be an asterisk. Fat? Check! Stupid? Check! Drunken? You’ll have to talk to Johnnie Walker about that one.

      • “Bill Schmalfeldt has already lived most of his life.”

        Do we even know he’s alive? Maybe he actually did finally die (heaven knows he’s been threatening to for so long) and was too dumb to notice? That would explain a whole lot.

        • We know he Bill Schmalfeldt hasn’t died because if he had the stench would be unbearable.

          What was it that Emily Latilla always said?

    • And if you were to ask him, a betting person would lay odds that he’d accuse you of harassment, dox you, or send you something forged.

    • It would be much easier to ask the police you fat slob. But they would have no idea what people were talking about now would they? Liar.

    • Only a fool or an idiot would be stupid enough to give their PI to Bill voluntarily.

      Besides if it had happen he would have posted pictures, a 10,000 word rant, and a 100 tweet tweet storm already.

      • Oh, I don’t know.

        Someone might give Cuz the name, phone number, and address of someone named “Leo the Cutter”, “Shropshire Slasher”, or perhaps “Timmy Tireirons”.

        Better, yet, the digits of their molls…

    • Just post the stupid thing Dumbass, which you can’t do because it doesn’t exist except in your demented mind, and if you did actually try to post it all we would get would be a picture of some tatty, bovine spongiform riddled, electrode toasted brain-like tissue.

      PS: and boom, there it is on his blog. Don’t you ever get tired of being wrong?

    • “This will never appear on @wjjhoge’s blog”

      That would be the blog of the man who has applied several times for peace orders against you, and is currently suing you for breach of a settlement agreement, an agreement you deny even is a valid contract? A man who has repeatedly told you to stay away from him?

      Yea, I can see why he might not be interested in publishing comments from you.

    • “And, sir, you say you know who did this? OK, and they live in… Illinois? Wait, what, Palatine? That’s, what, 2 1/2, 3 hours from here? OK… and the other?… MARYLAND?! Uh huh. OK. Well, here’s the complaint number [hands Bill a coat check ticket from the Wild Rose Casino], and, um, a number if you need help working through the trauma [hands him a card for the Clinton County Voluntary Commitment Hotline]. We’ll be in touch if, um, when we find anything, OK? Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

  9. I always enjoy it when the time gets closer to a hearing, Bill manages to conjure up some drama to make the civil suit reporting more interesting.

    If there is a police report, and I’m not saying there isn’t, it will be a report where the officer takes a statement from Bill saying that he has a harasser in Patrick Grady, and that he is the culprit. The police will undoubtedly nod their heads while taking his statement. Bill will assuredly as for a report number so that he can waive it around.

    Anyone who has any smarts will recognize these facts:

    Bill Schmalfeldt is a serial forger. Unless you go to the source directly, nothing he produces can be considered valid.

    Bill Schmalfeldt is a liar. There is no doubt that he reported an “incident”, the question is, what did the police do in the investigation. I’m certain he got the police to write in Hoge’s and Grady’s names so he can be align with the first fact..

    Bill Schmalfeldt is a perpetual victim. And he needs to be the biggest, most abused pussy ever for his impending hearing. Of course, he’ll totally botch it because he is also one more thing –

    Bill Schmalfeldt is just dumb. And stupid. How are you managing to keep up with all those wives, houses, and property you’ve won against all the right wing nuts? Must be exhausting.

  10. This does not surprise me from Mr Fakinsons. The attention whore hasn’t been discussed here for, what, two days? Mr. Fakinsons needed his attention fix.

  11. BS appears to be upset that PK reported his eviction by the nuns. Yesterday, he said that “Grady” confessed to everything, and today he’s saying that PK did it. C-R-A-Z-Y stuff here!

    • I hope Krendler continues his investigative reports. I’d like to know what caused them to give him the boot.

      • If memory serves, he also told the US Copyright Office that.

        Kooky… maybe a split personality? I guess maybe Bill forgot the first rule of Roll Your Turds Into Little Balls and Sniff Them Club.

          • That’s the zeroth rule.

            You’d think the first rule would be Do Not Talk about it. But an exception has been made, and the new first rule is Do Not Videotape Yourself Rolling Your Turds Into Small Balls And Sniffing Them And Then Posting That Video On The Internet.

            But really, it’s too bad Bill’s neighbors don’t have webcams pointed at his house. It could be the next (if you haven’t seen it, go look. Totally safe for work. The bridge is well marked, and the railroad company protected it by mounting an I-beam at the precise height just ahead of it.)

          • Oh, and I forgot to add:

            I still maintain it was the last vestige of his soul. It was small, it was green, it smelled foul. He rolled it, he fondled it, he flushed it.

    • He’s got Malign Hypercognition Disorder, except he’s not an evil genius, so it’s more like Malign Noncognition Disorder.

  12. Assuming this alleged break-in actually happened, it occurs to me that this is around the amount of money it takes to file suit in federal court. Unless you pretend to be a pauper. The flying fickle foot of fate, indeed.

  13. If anyone needs to evade service and hide from Bill, remember that you could stay at one of his kids; because they don’t want contact with him and he doesn’t know where they live.

  14. You know, it would be a real shame if somebody was to call 563-243-1456 and politely inquire about such a police report with the nice professional folks there. I would hate to think that the nice people at 563-243-1456 would have to spend time and effort looking for something that isn’t actually there.

  15. Breaking News!!!11!!

    CPD just reported that they are taking up an investigation of Bill Schmalfeldt based on Roy’s claims. Turns out they found out Bill ADMITTED the truth of the charge by dismissing his case against Roy with prejudice. It won’t be long before Bill Schmalfeldt will pay for his crimes.

    I have all the details from CPD but I refuse to release them cause…..reasons. You’ll just have to take my word for it.

  16. Since he’s now claiming some unspecified form of vandalism, let us consider the past and other curious cases of vandalism, and the many projected and convoluted cover stories poor sad BS has frequently resorted.

    For example, our gentle host one had the handle of his front door, and the door along with it, mangled by a visit from a stranger.

    I’ve always suspected his protestations of being completely unable to pay a visit to anyone, we know now that was a lie. PErhaps when he is frustrated by a secure door preventing entry, he pulls too hard or seeks revenge upon the door. I can imagine him capable of locking himslef out and not wanting to take the blame for damage he has caused in anger or frustration.

    Perhaps,matter the fact, it seemed like a golden opportunity to convert his stupidity into a some story that could be of use is blame was shifted. he’s done it twice or three times that I know of, e.g. The fall out of the chair, the signed letter he regretted.

    Maybe someone left documents in his screen door and he got so angry he kicked it or banged it. Maybe he fell down his porch and broke something.
    He’s probably horrible to his neighbors, and it’s not beyond the pale that some kid tried to yank on his old car, or tossed a clod in his general direction. It’s actually a rough place to live based on general crime statistics.

    But I don’t think it’s completely unreasonable to suspect he broke something and needs a cover tale.

  17. I just read the latest PK REPORTS news item with the bombshell revelation about the Cabin Boy being evicted out of his Milwaukee area apartment. This explains why he never said a word about moving out of the NinjaNunn’s Palace. Great scoop Paul Krendler, your journalism skills are really starting to blossom.

  18. I’m impressed with our hosts Jedi mind control activities! He’s able to get someone who lives more than 1000 miles away to jump in his car, drive halfway across the midwest, and commit an act of petty crime. For really no purpose at all.

    I really feel sorry for Patrick Grady in all this. He bowed out and went silent to protect his family, just was BS says he wants. For that, he’s been sued more than once and accused of crimes that just boggle the mind.

  19. It’s hilarious that Cabin Boy thinks his brilliant tactic of lying about anyone “confessing” to his faux vandalism would receive anything but ridicule.

    • I’m still of the opinion that this tactic has worked for him before, perhaps only once or twice. Now he keeps trying it again and isn’t sure why it’s not working this time. He reminds me of Wile E. Coyote.

    • It’s his usual — roughly every four months he claims someone’s talking and everyone’s going down. I figure it’s what terrifies him, so he think it’s terrifying to others.

  20. 1h
    Fatman Podcast‏ @FatmanPodcast
    .@wjjhoge’s little stalker pals are just making Patrick Grady look more guilty — added to the physical evidence. RAGE ON, LICKSPITTLES!

    “Physical evidence”?

    How’s he figure?

    Are we leaving more flaming poop on the porch? Did I miss the memo?

    • Wait, what?

      Isn’t the point of flaming (Slovenian, horse) poop in a bag (not Tupperware? the horrors) that the “victim” stomps out the flames out of instinct, and gets his foot covered in crap?

      You see the problem, don’t you: Bill Schmalfeldt is, as sworn in court documents, an invalid. He cannot stomp out a flaming bag of shit. In fact, even cold weather would cause a symptom he called “bouncing” or some such, where going out in the cold could cause him to “bounce” loose balance and fall.

      Basically, either he was lying then, or he is lying now, or both. My money is on both.

    • Oh, wait. 1456 is the Records division. Exactly the department one would want to talk to if they cared enough to research your non-existant report.

      • Wow, the World’s Stupidest Man™ can’t even get the phone number to his own police correct. Bwhahahahahaha. Sure Bill, you is smaht. So smaht that we just believe everything you are spewing out of that cock holster of yours.

  21. No, no, TWO kicked BS, and he abandoned his children. The third passed away while he was on the internet again, as he had been for years. YEARS.

  22. Blobbert mistakes Paul Krendler’s silence tonight for fear.

    I think it’s patience. Remarkable patience.

    And I’m reminded of that Klingon saying about revenge…

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