All the President’s … Men(?)

Roger Simon has piece over at PJ Media comparing Susan Rice to … I’ll let Mr. Simon speak for himself:

Forget G. Gordon Liddy and the White House plumbers of Watergate days.  If you’re looking for a my-president-right-or-wrong apparatchik in the grand tradition of the Soviet Union, willing to do anything for her leader, look no further than former national security adviser Susan Elizabeth Rice.

Who knows? It may be that the comparison is apt, and Ms. Rice will have a career in talk radio after she has finished dealing with the aftermath of her actions working for President Obama.

UPDATE—The Daily Caller has more.

8 thoughts on “All the President’s … Men(?)

  1. Hope the aftermath includes jail time, just like for G. Gordon Liddy. Their crimes are not that dissimilar I would think. –BJ54

  2. If a GWB had had his people do that to the Obama team prior to Obama getting elected and sworn in, the whole nation would be clamoring for heads on platters. But since Obama, the worst President in US history, did it, there is a large cadre of socialist fellow travelers in the media, in politics, and walking the quads of campuses nationwide who have their backs.

    Many should go to prison for very long terms for this, but if anyone is charged, jury nullification will destroy the Rule of Law.

  3. As a retired Military Intel Specialist, if I would of done a 10th of this I would of been court my a*s would still be sitting in Fort Leavenworth, even 18 years after my retirement, and would still have another 20 to 30 years to go. I think the Obama Administration is working on a new legacy and it would make Nixon say WTF.

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