25 thoughts on “Programming Announcement

  1. Did you forget the latex gloves before you lit the bag of dogshit on the porch and rang the bell?


  2. “Johnny Atsign has been too busy cleaning the mud off his shoes and dealing with other mundane tasks to file a report today. ”


  3. I have a comment in moderation due to multiple links, but BS has indigestion. Came back with a clean bill of health, still wants $$$.

  4. That’s OK! I saved it for posterity! Here it is in text so I don’t go to moderation again!
    “Wain Ellyn
    Bill Schmalfeldt is a known Child Pornographer who works for Pedophile Brett Kimberlin as Editor of Breitbart UnMasked . Kimberlin is also a Convicted Serial Bomber out on parole known for fraudulent lawsuits and other scams. Bill Schmalfeldt is a deranged sociopath who has multiple restraining orders in multiple states and is often drunk while cyberstalking the Internet and brags about urinating on children. Schmalfeldt is running a scam on GoFundMe to avoid a court date on May 5th in the Circuit Court Of Carroll County Maryland Case No. 06-C-16-070789. Schmalfeldt should be reported to Clinton County Sheriffs department Address: 241 7th Ave N, Clinton, IA 52732 Phone:(563) 242-9211 Do not fund this deranged sociopath attempt to escape his appointed court date. Report him instead.”

    • Here he is, around the 4:50 mark, clearly incapacitated by the progressive neurological disorder he’s had for 17 years, one which left him wheelchair-bound, dying, and never again able to drive . . . only, never mind all that, since he’s experienced a miraculous reversal of his symptoms.

      HEY! You know what else I noticed? He has a video camera. And a laptop. So, why does he need one for 35 days on a cross country road trip that barely leaves him time to pee, let alone interview “elected officials”? He does make sure to carve out time to visit restaurants and shopping malls ….

      • Mein Gott!! he reminds me of my late bother-in-law–he was a narrow minded, demorat, and stupid old man also.

      • Well… if that YouTube video is any indication of the “quality” one could look forward to in both the commentary and the filming of this (never gonna happen) 48-State documentary, the $25.00 the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt has already received via his GoFeedMe scam… um, I mean “fundraiser”… is about $20.00 too much.

        And, damn. Just damn! That ham planet needs to step away from the lasagna, bread, and cheesecake in a bad, bad way. He’s yuuuuuge!

  5. Wouldn’t you think those kind-hearted, beautiful progressive souls reading Breitbart Unmasked (gleeful and thankful the left has a Bill Schmalfeldt to fight Donald Trump) would chip in for more than one bottle of Johnny Walker?

    Maybe we should call him Bill “Not Worth a Dime to his Readers” Schmalfeldt?

    Bill, if you’re serious about the gofundme racket, go to a local restaurant and write “fat homosexual” on your receipt and blame some alleged Trump voter. Dumb liberals fall for that stuff all the time.

    • Or spray paint “Hillary Clinton voter” on the front of your house. You have to be more creative than cancer.

  6. Why is BS stalking me? He repeatedly reads what I post on a public blog on the public interwebz, then posts it on the public Twitter and his public blogs. This is stalking, and I fear for my safety. He is mobile and has posed with a rifle before, so I can assume that he is armed.

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