Plagiarism Du Jour

Here is a recent tweet from the Cabin Boy™—And this is from a WaPo article published on 8 June, 2016, called How to Visit 48 State Capitals in Under Nine DaysThe Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread Editorial Board was unavailable for comment.

73 thoughts on “Plagiarism Du Jour

    • Isn’t there some sort of descriptive name for someone who uses other people’s published material without attribution? If there was I’m sure a GS-13 editor type person would know what it is. I’m scratching my head here. I think I’ve heard such a term used pejoratively but I can’t remember where.

  1. Hey, he’s going to visit my state capital! I should go there and get a picture.

    Anyone got a super-duper-extra-extra-extra wide lens? With the mega-zoom, so I don’t get any Fear Pee on myself?

  2. What’s especially amusing is that he didn’t even bother to check map for correctness. I won’t educate the monkey but it does lend credence to the thought 5hat it’s all a scam and he will take the money (all $25) and never make the trip.

    Hey Bill, can YOU tell us what’s wrong with the map?

  3. Bill Schmalfeldt doesn’t have the test results yet. He doesn’t know if he has cancer or not and is using cancer (a disease that has likely touched us all in some way) as a sympathy ploy to bilk money from folks.

    Since I medical testing next month, maybe the blood tests will see an indicator of a serious disease. Guess I should set up a gofundme account. Oh wait, no I wouldn’t do that because if I didn’t have cancer or a serious disease, I would feel guilty and dirty taking money mentioning a disease I might or might not have.

    Not Bill Schmalfeldt.

  4. Odd. The proxy st the restaurant where my son and I are dining blocks this site by category.

    So, Bill’s response to this entry will be:

    – Hoge is so insane he google searches everything I post
    – Hoge plagiarized my plagiarism.
    – Of course that hate site is blocked.

    Note these are not mutually exclusive and it is likely the ‘power of and’ will be invoked. What will NOT be included is any attempt to address the substantive issues of the post. (The closest he will come is to say “there are no substantial issues, Thurston”)

    • Hey, she is important. Upon knowledge and belief, she handed Expedia a copy of that itinerary as proof of experience before they hired her for the board.

      Nope, she’s not just freeloading at a couple hundred grand a year because of her parents, no sir!

      Oh, and /sarc

  5. “And this is from a WaPo article published on 8 June, 2016, called How to Visit 48 State Capitals in Under Nine Days—”

    So. Much. Fail! 😂

  6. well brett, the exciting day three of pedo’s kids telethon, walk for humanatee fundraising efforts. we are still at 25 dollars. Bill, it’s not really 25, gofundscum takes a cool 8% so it’s really 23 dollars, or in the last 72 hours it’s about 30 cents an hour. I think that at this rate, there is a better chance Brett, that you will finally get out of jail in 2031 than Bill will get to 15k in donations…

    Gee thanks Neal, don’t you have a summons to dodge…

  7. So just so I’m clear here. Bill claimed to not to be able to travel to MD for court because it would KILL HIM. He also claimed to be wheel chair bound for life. He was so disabled he had to buy a scooty puff (It’s red vroom VROOM!). He couldn’t dive because he was too dangerous to other drivers. But HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOGE! points out that, once again, Bill has plagiarized something and HE is the one shitting all over it?
    No, the man shitting all over everything is the man that spent the last decades LYING about how disabled he was and is now trying to scam people out of money so he can go gallivanting across the country on a trip most professional drivers couldn’t pull off in the time frame he proposes.

    Tell us Bill, how is it that you are suddenly well enough to travel to all 48 states in a very short amount of time when just months ago you were swearing to the court that you couldn’t travel to MD because you were too disabled? Please explain it to us poor dumb lickspittles how you PD Stage 4 is suddenly PD stage Nothing. Please tell us how you couldn’t go to court because if you left the Ninjanunnery your magic button wouldn’t work but you can now travel cross country? Tell us why you told the court you would need an “attendant” to assist you with any travel but now can travel solo with no problems? I would LOVE to see you explain all this. But you won’t, because you can’t without revealing all the lies you have told people and, most importantly, the lies you told the court.

      • Grifter AKA Con man; scam artist; flim flam man; cheat; defrauder; swindler; fraud; cuckold.

        Sorry, last one is actually a trait shared by Team Kimberlin members. They don’t seem to be masculine enough to keep a woman happy .

    • Bill says he’s employed a combination of diet and exercise that has miraculously restored him to excellent health, except that he may be dying again. I’d really like to hear how this diet plan works, because it sounds awesome!

  8. I just ran the numbers, from the original source from the WaPo link.

    204 hrs averaging 65 MPH. I personally have done 1175 miles in 17:45, so yeah the pace is doable. Bill wants to do that in 15 days, so 13.6 hours per day in the car.

    (a) yeah, lots of time for sightseeing and interviews with local officials.

    (b) I’m still much younger than Bill, but I have a hard time doing more than 10 hours straight, and that’s for a day or two, not 13 hours a day for two weeks. I’m pretty sure professional truck drivers are forbidden from driving 100 hours a week, which is what Bill’s plan amounts to.

    • We have the 70 hours in 8 days rule for on-duty time,
      The 8 hour rule, where we need a 30 minute break before the 8 hours is up (because people like Chris Christie and Trigglypuff with chauffeurs can’t drive far so they think we can’t, either),
      The 11 hour driving rule, where we need 10 hours off before going beyond 11 hours,
      The 34 hour reset rule, where we can get all 70 hours back without letting it cycle around if we’re off duty for 34 hours straight.

      I picked up my current truck on July 31, 2015, with 102,146 miles on it. It currently has 328,435 miles on it. And I took 3 2-week trips to the Philippines during that time.

      If a trucker running paper logs decides to creatively run what Bill claims he’s wanting to do, that trucker won’t be getting much sleep, could be a danger on the road, and has the experience and endurance of someone who isn’t wheelchair-bound.

      • Running your numbers, I get 400 miles/day on average, for days you were not in the Philippines.

        At that relatively sane rate, 6.5 hours/day at 65MPH (which requires DISCIPLINE! Stops to onload and offload fluids ONLY!!! Food is purchased then eaten in the car!!!) it would take 34 days. And I’d still be ready to suck start a shotgun before the end.

        Hmmm… Bill, I encourage this plan. And bring a shotgun, in case you encounter coyotes or bears out West.

        • That doesn’t take into account the large number of 34-hour resets I’ve had (I just started one 3 or 4 hours ago), or the multiple 3-day trips to the Freightliner dealerships for work on the truck. Or, for instance, this load I’m on now. I arrived at midnight, delivered Thursday morning at 8am, then went directly across the street for a 7pm live-load pick up, and finally pulled out of there at 930pm.

        • Showing my last 8 days:
          Date Miles Driving Hours On Duty Hours
          4/1 520.3 7h46m 8h20m
          3/31 730.7 10h37m 11h9m
          3/30 853.0 12h49m 13h22m
          3/29 211.9 3h27m 4h22m
          3/28 642.1 9h59m 10h18m
          3/27 608.8 9h32m 9h54m
          3/26 0 0 0
          3/25 708.0 10h57m 11h25m

        • Also, bring a handgun. Just make sure that when you get to New York, you stop and notify the police that you’ve brought a gun into the state. #ItsTheLaw

      • We should remember how Bill Schmalfeldt treated Lee Stranahan’s reader-supported travels. I seem to distinctly remember him suggesting that Lee wasn’t actually on one trip he solicited donations to make.

        I wouldn’t want to have his Karma.

        Then again, maybe he took a few pointers from his own writing. There are plenty of file photos, and, there is photoshop. How will we know if he really ever went on the trip?

    • All your calculations have one flaw. It all depends on whether, or not, you stop for bathroom breaks, IYKWIMAITTYD.

      • You still have to onload fluids. Gas if nothing else. When I say onload and offload, I mean hit a rest stop, pee, grab a bite, hit the gas station and go. When possible, hit the gas station first so you aren’t eating with gas-fume scented hands.

        • 12,000 miles at 400 miles per tank, is 40 gas stops. Buying a slurpee and dog while the gas is pumping means a total delay of less than a day.It depends on what you are, and are not, willing to do.

  9. Wasn’t Rosie O’Donnell who said, several years ago, that liars get cancer??

    I, for one, certainly hope that is so.

  10. You know, it’s quite feasible that the GoScamYou effort will be funded entirely by Clinton, Iowa residents. Perhaps even just by the cub scout troops of Clinton, Iowa.

  11. Well, from anybody else, that would be out-and-out plagiarism…

    It is when Cousin Bill does it, too, but he’ll never admit it, because he’s too dimwitted.

    Clinton, Iowa, has reclaimed their Village Idiot.

    And there was muchlittle or no rejoicing.

  12. Compare Bill’s sad attempt to scam money with comic book writer Peter David’s request for money to help retire an IRS debt. Like Bill, Peter David is a liberal. Like Bill, much of his financial situation is a result of his own mistakes.

    Unlike Bill, Mr David has managed to raise almost $30,000 in two days. Because, unlike Bill, Peter David has talent that has brought enjoyment to many people who are happy to give something back. Unlike Bill, Mr David has shown himself to be a good father and convivial personality. Unlike Bill, Mr. David can disagree without being a raging douche dispenser.

    He’s done this before and been embarrassed by the lack of any response. Why does he keep doing it? Who loves failure this much? It’s baffling.


        He’s raised 20k on the gofundme and another 10k at his webpage. He’s on the hook for $88,000. Obviously he’s made some serious mistakes (the worst of which was assuming when the IRS stopped asking it meant that they had forgotten or recalculated) but I know how easy it is for artists to botch that up. Going from the boom and bust of a media career to a more modest but dependable salaried position has made stuff like that infinitely easier.

        People would be shocked at how many performers, writers, etc are barely treading water from tax problems.

  13. It’s probably worth noting that Bill S. is proposing to do his state capital drive in 35 days (not the 9 days implied by the Washington Post article). 35 days does seem plausible, or at least it would be for a person in good health.

    • That trip is possible for two people, team driving.

      For one person, you’d have to be in hellaciously good health, with fantastic endurance, and a very reliable vehicle.

      And stimulants. Lots of them.

      I made a similar loop back in 1981. Took three months, with five or six 4 day stops to recover, fix the truck, etc.

      I was significantly younger then, and in great shape from bicycling 150+ miles a week, for the year prior to the trip.

      Bill, good luck on the fund raising, ’cause that trip will kill you.

  14. What? Greyhound and an $800 round-trip ticket won’t take you to every state Mega-truck-stop, corn palace, Denny’s, and back?

  15. I’m going out to the coast in a few weeks to pnotgrsph lightlhpuses and the Milky Way anyone want to fun my hotel room? You will get a free print 🙂

    • And, it looks like it would be way more FUN than the Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeld’s delusional (never gonna happen) whirlwind tour.

      Camping can be very inexpensive. But, then again… BS is such a self-entitled, precious, precious princess, I’m sure he would never dream of doing such a thing. And, $10.00/day for food? The speshul schmalrus* would downright starve to death.

      And, aside from four nights… the other nights spent not camping are in BUDGET hotels/motels. Again… something that I’m sure is not good enough for the demented douchenozzle.

      *H/T to the hilarious lickspittle who came up with Schmalrus. My apologies for not giving full credit as I cannot recall which one of you funny, funny guys/gals created such a fitting moniker.

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