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  1. How has Brett’s partner Cohen avoided being involved in all his suits? An actual attorney might be considered a plus in most litigation. I’m guessing Mr Cohen wants to retain the ability to practice law, so he stays away from Kimberlin’s cases. But as a board member or official counsel to VRUS & JTMF, he should be forced into these battles.

      • Yep. First time he steps into the mess that is Kimberlin’s lawfare, his law license is in peril.

        And I am sure that numerous complaints will be sent to the bar association.

        He could be the 1st person on the pirate crew who has anything of value to actually lose, making him the most likely to jump ship.

        • He could be the 1st person on the pirate crew who has anything of value to actually lose, …

          And that is exactly why he should become the focus of some intense scrutiny. One of the many problems in dealing with Bill Fakisons Schmalfeldt is that he has nothing to lose – no job (anymore), no honor, no reputation, no fortune, no standing in a community of family or friends. A lawyer, OTOH?

          • Lawyers might very well have a job in their profession and some savings.

    • The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind exceedingly fine. I want to see nothing left but a fine powder that blows away at a gentle breeze.

  2. Jeffery Cohen is–was at one time–listed as an officer of Justice Through Music Project. Are the Maryland rules like the Federal rule where an officer of a corporation can not represent them in court? Is Justice Through Music Project gonna have to have outside counsel?

    Maryland Business Occupations and Professions Section 10-206 (b)(4)

    Sure looks that way.

  3. First there was Kimby dodging discovery, now his “charity”. I wonder what it is that he doesn’t want anyone else to see? Given how much effort he’s put into hiding documents, it must be a big deal.

    Does he regret suing our Gentle Host yet?

    • If the good Lord is willing, he thinks he does; but he hasn’t got a clue as to what is in store for the near future.

      I may lack a Jedi’s foresight, but I can interpret the signs fairly well.

    • An individual that can’t be located doesn’t cease to exist. A corporation is a legal entity established explicitly for legal purposes. If it can’t be found, it can’t exist.

      • Which means that it is no longer a charity if I’m extrapolating that out correctly. Ooopsie poopsie.

      • Right. So if you exist for legal purposes, and can’t be found as part of the legal process, you can’t therefore exist.

        Makes sense.

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