Dislocation, Dislocation, Dislocation

A not-as-anonymous-as-he-thinks coward tried to leave this as a comment to my post about interesting Google Street View pictures from a couple of nights ago.This is the image linked to by the comment—Mrs. Hoge is actually buried here—

It’s been a while, probably over a month, since the last one of these childish comments. Something must really be bothering someone.


13 thoughts on “Dislocation, Dislocation, Dislocation

    • Perfectly, truthfully, and beautifully stated, Aaron.

      May our Gentle Host’s wonderful wife continue to rest in eternal peace. She has received her Heavenly reward… of which one day she will share with her devoted and loving husband and friend.

      God is good.

  1. Other then being humiliated in court what is old Bill “Stolen Valor” Schmalfeldt so worried about? It’s not like he has a job and can lose wages.

  2. Speaking of pictures.
    Anybody have a picture of a state prison in Iowa, or the nearest Federal penitentiary to Maryland?
    Asking for Team Pedo…..
    #Hammertime 🏛🚓👮

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