A Statement in re an Extortionate Threat

The Cabin Boy™ appears to be losing it on the Twitterz this evening, and he has taken to making extortionate threats. (I use the word extortionate precisely, within it’s meaning found in this dictionary.)

1. I am not Paul Krendler, and I have no control over anything Paul Krendler publishes on any website he operates.

2. I won’t negotiate with someone who appears to be engaging in a pathetic attempt at cyber hostage taking and cannot give him what he wants in any case.

37 thoughts on “A Statement in re an Extortionate Threat

  1. Bill in his best role as “The Poor Soul”, although Gleason’s got him beat by a mile.

    He just can’t seem to get it all together, though!



  2. Bill posts a picture of a house and says he lives there.
    Bill is hiding from the court.
    Mr. Hoge tracks Bill down using a picture that BILL POSTED HIMSELF
    Bill melts down about people posting the same picture he posted himself.

    Since you are reading here Bill, why don’t you explain why it was OK for you to post a video of Lee’s house after you friend said someone should track down his wife and rape her? Why was it OK for you to post pictures of anyone’s house? Why isn’t it OK for others to post a picture of a house you don’t even claim to live in and that YOU made public? Why are you such a fuckstick? How did you get so dumb?

  3. So bill says he is gonna have an”esophageal endoscopy” here is some good advice if the anesthesiologist’s asks do you want the local, take him up on that. Make’s the whole process easer on everybody.

    In my case it meant being in and out the door in an hour instead of 8 hours.

    Why is he fussing about that picture? It is not a picture that he owns.

  4. What’s he saying on Twitter?

    Is he tweeting at me from behind the block again like the coward he has always been?

    I can’t tell because of the block.

    • He is upset over your ban container. I would have thought he would have been happy to have your site not showing. Some people would complain if you hung them using gold rope.

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