Why is the Democratic National Committee Embattled?

John Hinderacker examines that question over at PowerLine. Commenting on coverage by NBC, he writes—

The view that the Democrats’ problem is that they haven’t moved far enough to the Left is not widely held among objective observers, but it apparently seems plausible to NBC. Watch for the Democrats’ downhill slide to continue.

Continuing to do the same thing expecting a different result, huh?

Read the whole thing.

6 thoughts on “Why is the Democratic National Committee Embattled?

  1. Attitudes like that shown by mainstream media, and by the few on the Left who try to control broadcast narratives, are a result of perceiving the U.S. presidency as a ruler. The other 2/3 of the federal government, and all of the state governors and legislators, just aren’t as important to the Left. The Left wants a ruler.

  2. Thanks to Twitter, (and yes, it’s mostly twitter) the activist base confuses itself with the voter base. It’s happening all over.

    In the UK you have Corbin – who is the biggest gift to the Conservatives ever. The base think he’s the bees knees, but everyone else sees someone who is just totally out of touch with reality – let alone the public.

    Here, you had the Labour party convinced that if they just kept attacking John Key then eventually everyone would see him the way they did. Well, he retired after 8 years and Labour is polling as low as it’s ever done.

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