Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

When Brett Kimberlin handed me his deficient answers to my requests for production of documents during his contempt hearing in the Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit on the 17th, he also delivered Tetyana Kimberlin’s answers to the interrogatories I propounded to her back in February. Her answers were also deficient, so I filed this motion last Monday.

The boilerplate statement about no comment till the court rules applies to this motion as well.

16 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Popcorn sales will be through the roof when she takes the witness stand. The only thing that will be missing from the trail will be Rod Sterling narrating.

  2. Maybe we can ask writing analysis expert Bill Schmalfeldt who wrote Tetyana’s answers because I’m of the opinion they sure seem like Brett Kimberlin’s writing style. Is Brett possibly practicing law without a license again?

  3. Can we get the cockroach to provide artist renderings from the trial? The snark wisdom they provide could be legendary if not fully entertaining.

  4. Based on answer #9, it seems as though Mrs. K is afraid that you will get a time machine and go back and follow her around during her travels in the 1990s.

    • Kimberlins come to the court.
      K: “Hoge harassed us”
      C: “Where’s your evidence?”
      K: “They harassed us”
      Court says no.

      Hoge come to the court.
      H: “Kimberlin accused me of harassment, without evidence”
      C: “Where’s your evidence?”
      K: “They harassed us”

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  6. Hey Schmalfeldt did you know you bestest pedo pal was going to drag you across the country to be his witness? You AND your ex lawyer? Good Lord let it come to pass. It will be FUN!

  7. Wow. Nothing like using answers to Interrogatories to further push a bogus narrative and further spew libelous defamation concerning the very same person suing you.

    Wonder if Tetyana Kimberlin even knows she did such a thing. *hmm*

    • ROTFLOL you should what the #VeroBeachCrybully passed off as “documentation” to support his LIES that I called him a Pedophile.

      The #SpeciaLittleTeacup stated under oath that a difference of opinion is a personal insult and harassing. Yes REALLY! He also BRAGGED that he didn’t care that his defamation of me claiming I’m a criminal human trafficker was true or not. He stated I deserved such insults because I treated him “monstrously” (you know, disagreeing with his support of confessed statutory rapist Kaitlyn Hunt). Yes he really said that.

      • I can’t believe those pedo supporting assholes are still after you after all this time. There is something really wrong with the brains of those folks.

        • The whole lawsuit is simply harassment because the #SpecialLittleTeacup doesn’t like it when someone posts about him. He can’t even produce a single document that supports his assertions.
          The #VeroBeachCrybully doesn’t understand the difference between talking TOO someone and ABOUT someone.
          Further bans on speech about unwilling subjects are unconstitutional even if such speech is offensive. Clearly his lawyer has NEVER explained the law to him. Nor has his lawyer explained that it is a tort to post that someone has been convicted of a hideous felonious crime; it is defamation per se and I don’t have prove damages. No matter what the justification for telling that lie. Nice of the #VeroBeachCrybully to arrogantly and proudly admit he had no evidence that I committed the crimes he has accused me of.
          Can we say Malicious prosecution?

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