Hilarious? Hilarious How?

What does he mean I’m hilarious? What does he mean, the way I talk? What? Hilarious how? What’s hilarious about it? Hilarious how? Let me understand this, because, ya’ know, maybe it’s me, but I’m hilarious how? Hilarious like a clown? I amuse him? I make him laugh? I’m here to amuse him? Hilarious how? How am I hilarious? What’s so hilarious about me? What’s hilarious?

* * * * *

Actually, what’s hilarious is the Cabin Boy’s™ poor reading comprehension. I haven’t written anything here at Hogewash! about his being fired from his most recent job, but I will now note that he no longer seems be working an afternoon announcing gig at KMCN. OTOH, the Cabin Boy™ has plenty of experience never being impeded by not knowing what he’s talking about.

Failing failures gotta fail.

16 thoughts on “Hilarious? Hilarious How?

  1. lest we forget, these are his people, they know him……..

    I still think they thought he was Bob for a few weeks

  2. We are allowed to think whatever we want, it is still a free country.

    I very much doubt that the FatFuck quit, since he went on and on on how it was such a nice gig and everyone knew him.

    Yes, if I were a betting man, I would money down on him being fired. For what, we will never know, it could have been for any number of reasons:

    Caught stealing from the Coffee Fund

    An On Air slip about Cub Scouts and his homoerotic fixation on them

    Talking about in great detail his last bowel movement

    An On Air detailed report on the smell and texture of Slovakian Horse Shit

    Yeah, his past perversions are numerous and any one of those would have been just cause to kick his fat ass to the door.

  3. OT –

    I am requesting if my fellow lickspittles when you Pray today, if you could Please add an extra prayer for my Father. Had to rush him to the hospital last night. It’s his Lungs. I need God’s Mercies, healing for him, to strengthen his Lungs, and his Wisdom and Peace for me in dealing with all this.

    Thank You and God Bless us all

  4. The Schmalrus is merely the superior example of those who opine AUTHORITATIVELY about things of which they neither know nor understand.

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