59 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. He says he wasn’t fired. He also said he was getting a government job. He said he was no longer working for Cabin Boy Unread.

    So yeah, he fired. Sources confirm.

      • I’ve left comments on other websites, but they’re still in moderation. so i’ll make the same point here:

        you can’t fire an unpaid intern. i don’t think he ever got a penny from 94.7 the MAC.

    • Are you sure he didn’t sign a contract to do a nationally syndicated nighttime talk show on the strength of 28 days x 16m of telescoped air checks?

    • Yes Cockroach, he is “Rank.”
      But speaking of gongs:
      “And we’ll be back, with more stuff….” – Chuck Barris, RIP.

      Bill, Bill, Big As A Hill would have been a great Gong Show act.
      Who wants to host a new version, for him to appear, then disappear?

  2. Never mind, there must be a hundred radio stations in Clinton, Iowa pining for the services of an experienced urinator. I mean broadcaster.

  3. Didn’t he say the manager was his godson and these were his people?

    Maybe his children called the station…..

  4. So now that he’s burned his rope bridge in his hometown, he must really be bummed that now he is going to have to appear in court

  5. 6h
    Fatman Podcast‏ @FatmanPodcast
    Hilarious that @wjjhoge and his drooling readers think I was fired. Not knowing what you’tre talking about never an impediment to them.

    Said the man who lost a free court appointed lawfirm…

    • Of course the thought never enters his head (did I really just use “thought” and “head” in reference to Schmalfeldt???) that people may just be calling a tune for him to dance to. And right on schedule old Monkey Dancer shows up.

      • “Thought” and “Head” are massively dismayed that ANYONE could use thwm in reference to the Huge Manatee. — BJ54

    • He wasn’t fired… Riiiiiiight… And he left Maryland because the climate in wisconsin is so much better for a man with stage eleventh Fakinsons.

    • DUMBFUCK said:

      Not knowing what you’tre [sic] talking about never an impediment to them.


  6. Is there another pool on exactly why he was fired? The par assumption is that he was excessively hostile with their station’s guests. But, there is also the tried and try possibility that he used his special brand of “comedy,” perhaps referencing boy scouts. My sentimental favorite is sedition. I can imagine our protagonist advocating the removal of Donald J. Trump from the Presidency of the United States by unsavory means.

    Well, there are always job openings for greeters at Walmart. Can’t you see Bill Schmalfeldt meet a procession of the folks wearing red Make-America-Great-Again hats with a warm smile and a, “Welcome to Walmart!”

  7. He started February 13, if I remember correctly. Lasted until March 22.

    That’s 28 working days.

    So…just another failed 30 day radio trial for Bill Schmalfeldt. Nothing new.

  8. I’m not surprised that he was fired (or was it, “You can’t fire me, I quit!”?). I will say I kinda wish that no one had ever contacted the station. I doubt that his time there would have been much different left to his own devices. Then he couldn’t blame Hoge/Krendler/Grady/Sunspots/BigFoot/etc. for the loss.

    Of course, this assumes that anyone bothered to contact the station and aren’t just saying this to spin him up…

  9. Oh, look, is he having sexual fantasies again?

  10. i’m guessing the words “probationary period” were used. he got confused and thought they were talking about his most excellent friend.

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