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Looking over some of the Cabin Boy’s™ recent spewings on Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Billy Boy Unread and his other wastes of bandwidth, it appears that one of the burrs under his saddle is my ignoring of his offer to make his Rolodex of NIH contacts available for helping Mrs. Hoge’s find medical care when she was diagnosed with breast cancer. I can only shake my head at his silliness.

First, Mrs. Hoge was receiving very excellent care from a team of physicians and other medical professionals associated with the University of Maryland Medical Center and Carroll Hospital Center. Moreover, she was also receiving care and support from the medical professionals in our extended families, including two pathologists (one a breast cancer survivor herself) and an oncologist.

Second, Schmalfeldt had sent me a no-contact order. If I had contacted him, I would have opened myself up to a possible peace order, and given the Cabin Boy’s record of untrustworthy behavior, I chose not to take that risk.

Bill Schmalfeldt knows lots of things that simply aren’t so. He will continue to rant about them for a while longer and to make a bigger fool of himself.

For a while.

39 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

    Stalkers gotta stalk,
    Cowards gotta cower,
    Idiots gotta…idiot,
    Sometimes all at the same time in the same little bungalow off 4th Street in midtown Clinton.

  2. Bill Schmalfeldt is a known liar, so there’s really no reason to believe anything he has to say about anything. To get attention he once wrote a fantasy (?) about anally raping his wife, then whined about the attention. Wasn’t that on The Daily Kos website?

    • It’s still on the Daily Kos website, an object lesson in the self-destructive power of Stupid and Cray in a place where Stupid and Cray are like bacon and eggs.

  3. His Rolodex of contacts didn’t seem to come into play in getting care for his late wife; when the Lickspittles could tell she was ill and he kept denying it.

  4. He loves this line of thought. We’re enemies and here I am offering help. But no, Bill, you were attempting to get an upper hand. You didn’t care one bit for Mrs. Hoge and you know it. Had Hoge accepted your offer, you get the upper hand of righteousness, and if he doesn’t you get the upper hand of righteousness.

    The burr under his saddle is it didn’t work and he didn’t convince a soul of his bad intentions he wanted to be called good intentions.

    • This is it in a nutshell. Everything Bill Schmalfeldt does is to make Bill Schmalfeldt better. So he can preen and strut himself about as “better than.” It’s the oldest trick in the playbook. So it’s odd that he doesn’t understand why it didn’t work.

      • No one believes he had any useful info or introduction to offer, and that if he thought he did, he was just his usual puffed up wrong self.

        • I must correct your prose.

          Nothing could make him better objectively. I doubt there is anything that could make him appear better to even the slightly informed. (How did his attempts at dating work out?)

          What you meant to say “to suggest to himself that might look better.”

          He can suggest to himself whatever inanities he chooses without creating a singularity in space-time, but moving them even within shouting distance of reality would cause an immense disturbance in the force.

  5. If the NIH has all the answers, why didn’t he call in favors for his own wife? Oh yeah, he needed the insurance money.

    • Scootypuff, that rustbucket Ford Explorer, JWR by the case, a Canon PowerShot digital camera… these things don’t pay for themselves!

      • Electronic musical instrument, size 5x pleather jacket, filing fees, Packers merch to adorn the sweet troll-cave, filing fees, OurTime membership…the blob’s got a lot of highly necessary expenses!

        • Yes, but he’s brewing smaller pots of coffee. I’m sure the savings from that add up over time…

        • That’s RIGHT!! The Fisher-Price Speak-and-Spell/Music Maker. Fat Boy hasn’t been taking many selfies with that lately.

          He probably (provably?) broke it two weeks after he got it.

          I doubt there are any Toys-R-Us in Bumf*ck Iowa, so replacement is out of the question.

  6. He came into this affray trying to lure AW into violating a court order and from that dishonesty he has not yet strayed from one little bit on his path. Every last thing he does must be suspect of dishonest intentions. The day after he goes into the daisy pushing business it will be legitimate to ask the question “what scurrilous bit of knavery is he up to and how will it backfire on him?”.

  7. Roger Shuler – anyone remember that guy? Has gone waaay off the beam again because he got news a very crazy stupid lawsuit of his was tossed out. He is publishing nude photos of some kid a freak sent him, and claiming they belong to a judge – the same story he’s been peddling for years, and which is ridiculously false and which he hides much information to maintain the delusion. I was just reminded of the dishonesty that seems to be so necessary to mental illness by this thread.
    To my certain knowledge, Shuler has photos of Pryor in high school and college, which I have seen, and which bear not even a superficial resemblance to the exploited kid in the photos.
    Worse, he got called out on the natural hair part being on the opposite side of the head and now flips the black and white photos to conceal the difference.
    Shuler interests me because he’s so crazy, and I’m interested in how crazy works, and his story just gets sadder and sadder as his attachment to his personal delusional narrative ruins everything in his life.

    • I’m surprised you saw him called out. He usually deletes comments proving him a liar faster than Schmalfeldt does.

      You want a good dose of crazy read some of his posts about being evicted. They are almost as loony as a Bill Schmalfeldt lawsuit.

      • He tried arguing for a while that, while natural hair parts don’t change over time, e.g., the judge could have found a page of instructions on google and permanently changed his hair part.
        He then gave up (perhaps the old photos of the judge helped this decision) and started flipping the image.

        The posts about his eviction are particularly awful in his catalogue of crankery, because his mentally fragile wife (who I think is showing signs of a progressive dementia) bore the brunt of the bad outcome his crazy practically assured. He’s also been posting things that make her more vulnerable to conviction of criminal charges, and drafting legal documents for her that seem designed to get the worst result, although “worst result” can always get “worser” as long as he is playing lawyer for her.

    • So, is he taking his lessons from Bill, is Bill taking his from Roger, or, God help us all, is there a third party they’re both emulating?

      And yes, if we’re told Unca Biwwy is finally pushing up the daisys, most of us are going to want to see proof of an autopsy before we believe he’s really dead. Proof of the [heavily paraphrased] “Yes, Elvis might still be alive, but I’ve got his brain in a jar in my office” type proof.

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