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  1. I have a blend of green vein Bali and white vein Sumatra kratom with my morning Folgers!
    Kratom is a ground tree leaf that is an excellent pain killer and gives a pleasant lift. In the evening it can be used to induce sleep. I use it then because it completely eradicates my restless leg syndrome, something that has plagued me my entire life.
    It’s interesting in that the the DEA recently declared the intention to include this benign, but very helpful, leaf as a Schedule I drug. Because their actions were hasty and ill informed and the outcry from the many who have been aided by it was so fierce, they retracted their intention. I believe this was the first time they had ever back peddled on something like this. Big win for the people against unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats!

    • Admittedly, i know nothing about Kratom other than that it’s for sale in the more sketchy convenience stores around here for a ridiculous price. Which tells me that you can get high on it. Uncle Sam hates that.

      • It’s not a druggy type high and if taken for that it will be disappointing. It can give a very strong sense of well being and some experience moderate euphoria. However, it’s no where near like getting drunk or high on pot. It does treat pain and that’s why many users depend on it. In my experience it’s much like sliding into a hot bath when I’m tired and achy – very pleasant, but not overwhelmingly so. Many enthusiasts have been able to give up opioids completely and credit it with helping them get their life back. Alcoholics have also had great success – it’s diminished their desire to drink almost entirely. It is about as addictive as coffee – it’s in the same family as the coffee plant. Some doctors have even begun prescribing it in lieu of the addicting, debilitating stuff that’s been the norm for too long.

        The head shop retailing of it is unfortunate, but they’ll sell anything if they can call it a “legal high” and some idiot will buy it. There are many reputable on-line vendors and it’s best to buy from them. For I time I was getting mine directly from Indonesia, but have found better suppliers right here. It sells, on average, at about $100 a kilo – waaaay cheaper than what’s found in a head shop. I can’t imagine putting anything I bought at one of those convenience stores in my mouth, including the food!

        In any event, it hardly compares to a Schedule I substance and what the DEA was intending to do was way overkill. I was very pleased to see them back off in response to a collective effort to set them straight. I expect some sort of regulation eventually though, but not as draconian.

  2. I grew up on a very rural farm. I think I could drink hot river water if it was dark enough and smelled vaguely like coffee. 😉 Our coffee was, cheap, full of caffeine, brewed strong, and heated so often it was basically burned. Kept us going.
    That being said, I’ve been enjoying Seattle’s Best #5, whatever blend it is, hot and black, for several months.
    There’s a coffee/craft beer bar near campus that is overrun with hippies, hipsters [I saw my first real urban lumberjack complete with beard and man bun there], bums, academics, etc that makes excellent coffee by pouring steaming hot water through fresh ground [and recently roasted] coffee in a paper filter. It’s so good I actually don’t mind paying $4 a cup [two cups maximum] which has really surprised me.
    And the eclectic clientele has endless people watching possibilities. That lumberjack dude was a hoot. I noticed his “work boots” were freshly shined and hadn’t a blemish on them. I wanted to haul the ax I keep behind my seat in the truck [for cutting brush] and ask him to give it a few swings. But I feared he might cut himself or others.

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