34 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Still not nearly enough references in the search results to the fact that he could not convince a judge he isn’t a Pedophile.

  2. BS frequently refers to WJJH’s genitalia, and has made a number of unseemly and scatological sexual references about him. In that context, and given his Hugh Hefner attire, could this be construed as a rape threat? Do not click on internal links without protection

    • Probably.

      And Rachael Madcow and Pvt. Pleather can breathlessly broadcast this nothingburger, just like the last one.


        • I would put money on Rachael strangling him on air when the inevitable inappropriate derogatory comment about lesbians came spurting out of dumbass’ rotten maw.

          Ratings GOLD, baby!!!

  3. So, exactly who all will the Tiny Pedo Bomber sue this time to protect his reputation? Him suing Buzzfeed should be fun. Maybe he’ll really come to the attention of 4chan.

    • He should sue Google for putting all those links to defamatory content uncomfortable truth/mockery in one place. And Buzzfeed, and the guys who scammed him. Plus a major law firm just because.

      Given his association with lolcow BS, if 4chan isn’t aware of this clown by now, they’re slipping.

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