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I’ve had some questions about how the various appeals are going. The only one that is sorta/kinda active at the moment is The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin’s appeal of the Kimberlin v. National Bloggers Club, et al. RICO Retread Appeal in the Maryland Court of Special Appeals. The briefs are in and some procedural motions are going back and forth. The most recent order I’ve seen in the case strikes part of the record extract TDPK filed as non-germane.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.

7 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. I was wintering in Newport Beach, CA. this winter; as is my habit. Close enough to the Orange County airport for my private jet* and the weather just can’t be beat. Warm but with seasonal breezes just perfect for a afternoon of gin and tonics-

    Speaking of which. Said afternoon was spent with my childhood friend, T. Coddington Van Voorhies VII, on his 70-foot yacht. Gin and tonics too, I assure you gentle reader… T. Coddington and I went to the same prep school and have kept up with each other over the years much to what I hope is our mutual delight.

    Anywho- That particular afternoon we were discussing The Classics and T. Coddington demanded I take the time to read, “The Meditations of Marcus Aurelius Antonius.” No, not the translation by George Long BUT the original manuscript- T. Coddington lent me his personal copy.

    My prep school Latin was barely up to the task but that, along with judicious use of Google Translate AND a couple of Charleton Heston bible-films saw me through the task. Pretty good book. But it took me months and I just finished.

    An Amazon review summarizes thusly:

    “The book’s theme is to live your life in balance with the universe. Do your duty and fulfill the role the “Gods” put you on earth to do. Let reason be your master always doing what is beneficial to all. Do not sin because you only sin against yourself. Why worry about correcting others behaviors when you have so much uncompleted work to do on yourself.”


    I really can’t explain Marcus Aurelius Antonius any better than that. And would that all of us endeavored to live by such wise counsel. If I myself were a Social Justice Warrior, I’m not, I would stop, think and reconsider my life.

    Know anybody like that? Know any of several anybodys’ like that?

    As you might imagine, slogging through several months of antique latin was physically taxing to say the least. Thus I hied myself to lighter literary fare-

    I’ve run across a most delightful little series by Evan Currie titled ‘On Silver Wings’. The main protagonist is a green beret operating in the future. Spaceships, aliens, personal semi-robotic combat chassis’ and gravity weapons oh my! Thoroughly entertaining and a easy read too.

    Imagine my surprise while reading Book 5 (of 6 so far), titled By Other Means, when I read this:

    “Bombs were generally the tools of cowards or the desperate, those who either had no stomach for looking their opponents in the eyes or those who were so outclassed that honor had become a dangerous and entirely unaffordable affectation.”

    Reading that stunned me. The insight coming unanticipated from a entirely unrelated corner of my life was a total surprise. Nonetheless I thought I should share it with you all.

    Know also that I’ve turned T. Coddington on to ‘On Silver Wings’ as my quid pro quo for Marcus Aurelius Antonius. See what I did there? I crack myself up. Well played if I do say so myself. T. Coddington (do not refer to him as TCVV7; doesn’t like that) promises to read the series before he and I meet again. We’re both headed to Davos later this year and that will suffice if we don’t convene in Newport earlier.

    Know what? I ought to buy a boat. Best if it was built with child labor but one does what one can with what is readily available in the market. But such a marvelous way of forcing a earlier meeting don’t you think?

    Actually, before Davos, T. Coddington and I will be attending the next meeting of The VRWC Council at a undisclosed location. As you might imagine The Council will be discussing Trump, et al. We are collectively thrilled with the Presidents’ policies. Cutting funding for NPR and reducing the State Department budget… Re-orienting the EPA! What’s not to like? Women and the poor to be hit hardest I assure you.

    Now if we could just get somebody to delete The Presidents’ twitter account-

    What, old sport(s)? Was I rambling? Just so.

    Until next time,

    I remain, your humble servant-

    w (Esq.)

    The asterisk? Oh, you mean the one in the sentence containing, “…my private jet* “ ? A fragment. A silly fragment of personal information. But YOU know that William Casey, A Great American, said “Intelligence is a mosaic.” Yes. Yes it is. And thus:


    “Hmmm… Flight records are public are they not? Wonder how hard it would be for me to pull records for all private jets flying in to John Wayne airport in Orange County?”

    “What a stupid name for a airport- In a more just world it would be ‘Los Che Guevara Internationale’ airport. Think I’ll bring this up to Soros next time we talk.”

    “Come to think of it, been a while since Macintosh sparked up a hologram with either of my two masters: Great Satan Soros OR Smaller Satan Kimberlin. Haven’t heard from Herself in a while either. Hope she’s out of the woods and contacts me soon.”

    “Should I have left a forwarding address?”

    • A good reading list. I just finished The Grey Man by JL Curtis. Reminded me of the lines from a John Wayne film: “I won’t be wronged. I won’t be insulted. I won’t be laid a-hand on. I don’t do these things to other people, and I require the same from them.”

  2. So BK filed something irrelevant trying to muddy the waters. How…unsurprising.

    Can the court declare someone a vexatious litigant on their own initiative or do they have to wait for someone to file the appropriate paperwork? Asking for a couple scumbags.

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